Yes, the optimization charts Social Report generates for you makes it very easy to find out the best time to post content. To view the charts, simply go to Cross-Channel then Optimization.

Cross-Channel Optimization Report

You'll then see this optimization chart showing you engagement and activity by day:

Activity by Day

And this optimization chart showing engagement and activity by hour:

Activity by Hour

Of course the longer your social networks are connected to your Social Report account the more data you will have, but these optimization charts give you the precise data you need to construct your posting schedule in a way that best ensures your content will get the most interaction with your audience.

When you are scheduling posts, if you click on "Advanced Options", you will also see an Optimal Time tab. Social Report looks at your data and makes a suggestion accordingly as to the optimal time to publish the post you are crafting.

We've created a short video that guides you through our Cross Channel Optimization Reports: