Repurposing Your Content On Social Media

If you maintain a heavy posting schedule, you likely find it pretty difficult to always be coming up with fresh content to post. To be frank, it's nearly impossible to do unless you are committing full-time hours just to doing that, which no one has the time to do. But that's where reusing or repurposing content comes into play. Lets use this posting schedule as an example:

There is just no way it is possible to come up with fresh content for 8+ posts a day during the weekday. But if you create content that can last, that issue is alleviated. We call that content "evergreen content". A common question we receive about reusing content is "will my followers notice I'm posting the same content multiple times?". And the answer to that question is it's highly unlikely. Your followers likely see your content in their news feed versus clicking directly on your page itself and scrolling through all of your posts. So as long as you aren't reusing the same content too often (note above for this particular posting schedule the evergreen content within the system will only repeat every 24 days), you're in the clear.

Take a look here at the true benefit of reusing content:

To demonstrate the power of evergreen content, lets look at a handful of content that's been reused associated with the posting schedule above:

Just by these posts being used 5-7 times, they have generated thousands of clicks and in some cases where conversions are being tracked, thousands of conversions. You can view all of your evergreen content in Social Report, see how often it's been posted, how many clicks have been generated, remove posts as evergreen content, etc. by going to "Publishing" then "Evergreen Content".

Now for the million dollar question...what kind of content makes for the best evergreen content? Writing content related to the category you're an expert in is a good rule to follow. Posts that are time sensitive don't make for the best evergreen content. Say, for example, you're an expert in the field of real estate, writing generalized, big picture content such as "why you should hire a real estate agent", "benefits of holding an open house", "what not to do when staging a home", etc. make for solid content ideas that can be reused over and over again.

The key to successfully using evergreen content within your Social Report account is to build up a strong pipeline of content, as the more content you have, the less often it will be repeated. Reusing content is an important part of any social media strategy, especially when you want to maintain a heavy posting schedule, but don't want to be responsible for manually scheduling content to go out for each time slot. As long as you have a strong pipeline of evergreen content within your Social Report account, Social Report will automatically take your evergreen content and plug it into the time slots that don't have content scheduled to ensure your social media channels are always being kept up to date.