Staying Engaged With Your Followers

On social media, if you are sharing content not created by your brand, that is referred to as 3rd party content. Sharing 3rd party content should be an important part of your overall social media strategy. Why is that? Think Glink Media gives some good reasons, including:

  • By sharing content from trusted sources, you are helping to establish your own brand as a valuable source of information. Your followers will remain engaged with you because they know you are bringing them content on a topic they are interested in.
  • You are working to expand your own social network and online community. The brands who created the 3rd party content you are sharing may return the favor and share your content on their social networks.
  • Assuming you are sharing content that is related to your brand (which is a must when sharing 3rd party content), you are creating discussion points with your followers, which results in active social networks.

But there is a downside when you are sharing 3rd party content. Once your follower clicks on that link, they move on to that brand and leave yours. We at Social Report created a solution to that problem that allows you to remain engaged with your followers after they click onto the 3rd party content with our link frames feature. What is a link frame? Here's an example:

This is a piece of 3rd party content we shared on our own Twitter account. But as you can see, there is a Social Report banner going across the top of the content, just below the address bar. You are able to create these custom link frames via the "Publishing" section of the Social Report dashboard and completely customize them by choosing a background color, uploading a logo, choosing the text and color for the call-to-action button, and entering the link for the button.

So you have the added benefit of sharing 3rd party content on your social networks and maintaining a healthy social media strategy, while at the same time remaining engaged with your followers once they move onto that 3rd party content. You continue to have a presence with your followers and they can go right back to your website after reading the 3rd party content you shared by clicking on your custom call-to-action button.

Here is a short video we created showing how to create link frames:

Or you can read an article on how to create link frames here -