Creating amazing and fresh content is only the first step to developing a vibrant and self-sustaining corporate brand via social media. The second is attracting viewership among members of your target demographic. Each click brings with it the opportunity to see your site rise in the ranks, your articles shared across multiple platforms, increased leads and hopefully a rise in successful conversions.

Social media can help you in this endeavor, up until a certain point. The average click-through rate for Twitter stands at 1.64%. This figure includes all of the tweets made on the platform, meaning well developed and shared content experiences exceptionally high conversion rates. The trick is to attract quality followers, for those most interested in your content will follow through vastly more often, even if there are fewer overall people in your social media circle. Here are some ways to make certain your posts, both on social media and your personal blog, can boost your site’s exposure.

Craft Quality Headlines


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Your headline is the first thing prospective readers see and can determine if your blog post has any chance of success. This extends beyond the actual posts to include your promotions on social media. Approach it like a five word summary of the underlying purpose behind the blog. It should inform the reader what the content covers while selling them on your product or service. Here are some things to include in your blog to make certain that it has the maximum possible impact:

  • Include Numbers – This Increases the CTR by Nearly 20%
  • Use a Powerful Quote
  • Make Each Character Count – Use Less Than 100 Characters for Maximum Impact
  • Include a Special Offer – This Will Increase Shares and Clicks

Crafting the perfect headline requires practice and a willingness to experiment. Run a couple drafts by team members and see what they think – who knows, they may have the suggestion you need for the best headline ever!

Choose the Finest Images Possible

It has been known since the dawn of marketing that images provoke vastly stronger responses in viewers than simple words. The right picture will grab your reader’s attention and spur them to purview your material with great care. Done properly, it is possible to increase the CTR on your social media post by up to 20%. This can easily make the difference between a successful media campaign and one that is quickly swept into the dustbin of history. Here are some things to consider when choosing your images:

  • Leverage Online Tools Like Canva to Ensure Your Images Look Their Best
  • Use Different Images on Different Social Media Platforms
  • Optimize Your Images to Roughly 1024 x 512 pixels
  • Do Not Link to Other Social Media Sites

Use a Link Shortening Service

When sharing your new post it is important to keep two things in mind: readers have short attention spans and you are not given infinite space to make your point. One of the best ways to tackle both of these issues is to minimize the space taken up by your links.

There are many link shortening services available, though the industry leader is currently Bitly. Here are some things to keep in mind when working with a link shortening service:

  • Make Certain the Links Work
  • Do Not Use Any Sites That Force Viewers to Stop for Ads
  • Check the Links for Breakages for a Period After Posting
  • Triple Check to See That Tracking Still Works
  • Use Different Short Links for Different Social Media Sites

After a while, it will become second nature for you to create short links for inclusion with your social media posts. When used consistently, these shorter links will give you greater control over your material and provide a simpler method for determining how people reach your site.

Leverage Hashtags


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Hashtags serve as more than cute ways of signifying the meaning behind certain posts, they help encourage sharing and provide a means for prospective readers to find your social media content. When used consistently, accurately, and judiciously, hashtags can result in a doubling of your campaigns’ reader engagement and lead to a nearly 50% increase in brand recognition among your target audience.

Here are some things to consider when crafting your next hashtag:

  • Know What is Trending Before Posting
  • Keep the Hashtag Relevant
  • Place the Link a Bit into Your Post, Not at the End or Beginning for Maximum Impact
  • Monitor How Well the Tweet Performs in Comparison to Others with the Same Hashtag to

Determine if it is Successful

Hashtags, like many aspects of online marketing, requires a combination of experience, talent, and luck to get right every time. Monitor how well you handle the first couple, obtain feedback from clients, and move forward from there. Do not expect to top the trending list on your first chance, that only happens with experience and/or a truly timely post!


Promote Your Posts, Especially the Tweets

There are millions of tweets made by companies and private citizens every day. With more than 100,000 companies worldwide utilizing Twitter to promote their brands, it is important that you use every tool available to make certain your tweets reach your target audience with a minimum amount of fuss.

That is where promoted content comes into play. This advertising service leverages the vast database of information collected on users to determine where your ads need to go to have the best possible impact. These promoted tweets are shown at the top of their feeds with the title Promoted but otherwise act just like any other tweet.

This means that with just a few well-placed promoted tweets you can quickly grow a quality social media contact list that will provide you with exceptional leads and potential conversions. Here is some food for thought when setting up your Twitter promotion:

  • Use Multiple Tweets, Especially if You Have a Limited Budget
  • Know Your Target Audience Before Getting Started
  • Make Certain to Have an Urgent “Hook” to Increase Your CTR
  • Do Not Be Afraid to Reuse Successful Tweets


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A well promoted social media campaign that heavily leverages Twitter and other popular sites can drive traffic to your personal site. Just remember that the perfect campaign takes time and be willing to take a chance every step of the way. With hard earned experience you will be able to discover the best way to promote your unique product and service to an equally unique segment of the population.