Likes, shares, comments, clicks...well, any type of engagement is nice, but it is all too easy to lose sight of what is most important sometimes: sales. We put such a focus on tracking social media metrics, trying to get our content in front of as many eyes as possible, constantly trying to drive engagement, and while that is all important and has its place in social media marketing, what all of those efforts boil down is what impact are they having are your bottom line, ie how much revenue are they producing. And how do we do about figuring that out? By putting conversion tracking measures in place.

Within Social Report, you are able to do that rather easily, and not only track online sales, but also any type of conversion that has a "thank you" page after the conversion itself has taken place, such as newsletter sign-ups, form submissions, offer downloads, e-book or app downloads, and more. This effectively enables you to measure the actual impact of your social media efforts (how else are you going to know if the results are up to par or not?), so you can tweak them as necessary, until they are producing the end result you are hoping to achieve. Here is how you can go about setting this up:

Step 1: Go to Publishing and click on "Content Performance".


Step 2: Click on the content group(s) you want to assign the conversion tracking to.


Jumping ahead a little bit here, but in effect, you will want to select the content group where you will be applying the posts against associated with whatever conversion you're looking to track. For us, the only conversion we're tracking is our free trial offer, so we have conversion tracking set up for all of our content groups. But you may have a single marketing content group where you're looking to track newsletter sign-ups or e-book downloads, in which case you would click on that content group. Or if you're an e-commerce company, you may be in a situation like us where you have multiple content groups driving traffic back to your website, in which case you'll want to repeat these steps for each content group.

Not familiar with content groups within Social Report? They give you the ability to categorize your content, so you can then see what kind of content your followers are responding best to. This is important so you can weed out the kind of content that gets low engagement, and focus on the content your followers like best. Content groups are completely optional when you are scheduling posts, but for the purpose of conversion tracking, you will need them. If you do not have any content groups created yet, go to Publishing>Schedule A Post>and choose "Create new content group" to schedule a post and create a new content group at the same time. You can find additional information on content groups here -

Step 3: Scroll down and click on "Setup Conversion Tracking".


This is located on the right hand side of your content group, directly under the "Link Frames" section.

Step 4: Follow the steps in the Conversion Script prompt


This code needs to be placed on the page your leads or customers reach after they have completed whatever conversion you're looking to track, whether it's a newsletter sign-up, e-book download, or online purchase. In most cases, you will have a "thank you" page after the conversion has been completed, and this code will be placed on that page. Please forward the code to your webmaster if you do not have access to the code for your website, or if you are unsure were to locate the <body> tags to place the code. If it is not placed in the correct location, Social Report will not be able to track your conversions.

(optional) Step 5: Click the "Settings" icon in the Earnings Setup section to enter a "Value of Conversion"


If you are an e-commerce company, entering a "Value of Conversion" enables you to keep track of earnings generated from your conversions, separated by content groups, from within Social Report, without you having to do it manually! So not only will you be able to see how many conversions are being generated from your social media efforts, but you will be able to see how much revenue is being generated, as well.

Step 6: Monitor the results of your social media campaigns once the conversion tracking is set up!

Once you have all of the conversion scripts in place and you begin executing your campaigns, if you go to Publishing and click on "Content Performance" you will be able to see clicks, engagement, conversions, and earnings (if you set them up) for all of your content groups.


And then if you click on any of the content groups with a conversion script set up, there will be additional data in the "Conversions" tab, enabling you to see exactly which social media accounts within that content group are producing the conversions, which networks are producing the most conversions, and a geographical breakdown of your conversions. This is extremely powerful data for you to have, especially if you are executing different strategies on different social media networks, as you can then very easily measure the success of each to see which strategy and see which you should be putting more of a focus on.



What next? We've put together this short video on how this works within Social Report