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Promoting content is vital to ensuring the success of your consumer or B2B outreach endeavors, especially in the fast-paced world of digital marketing. When it comes to B2B branding, it is vital to take your content to where the greatest number of like-minded users congregate. LinkedIn, with its 414 million users, is utilized every day by companies and business professionals to obtain market information and connect with fellow companies, colleagues, and employers.

Creating an effective marketing strategy requires a great deal of trial and error due to the sheer number of factors involved. However, there has been a noted uptick of success for companies that leverage the following tips for posts shared on LinkedIn.

Utilize Oversized Pictures

The right picture can draw in readers and vastly more numbers than even the most catchy of titles. Maximize the impact of your images by going beyond the standard thumbnails to include content rich material that informs your readers of the content of your article without giving it all away. The old saying that a picture is worth a thousand words is true, especially considering that you only have a few precious seconds to grab the attention of the perspective viewer before they wander off to another article.

For LinkedIn, this is essential due to the ability for nearly every image to stand out starkly against the default gray blue background. Just remember when crafting your post that many social media scheduling tools do not enable the automatic inclusion of full-size images on this platform. You may very well have to manually add the images post publication.

There are many ways you can leverage images in your posts. Among the most popular include: infographics, the utilization of your goods or services, or shots of your team members at work. Just make certain that it is unique, relevant to the post in question, and invites the reader in.


Piggy Back Off Group Posts

LinkedIn shines in its ability to easily create hyper focused groups under the management of specific companies. It has rapidly become industry-standard for any outwardly focused enterprise to create and manage their own group. After you have created yours, utilize the effective group announcements tool to reach group members in a way that is guaranteed to get their attention while avoiding their email spam folder.

The most effective group posts actively encourages discussion on the topic in the comments section. In this way your content is able to assume multiple roles throughout the marketing process to ensure a consistent message reaches your target demographic with ease. For instance, the email blast will bring them in while the actual on-site post will fill the role of a traditional blog with its ready access to immediate feedback and sharing tools. As a rule of thumb, take advantage of all tracking features to measure group interests and inform your content management team of potential new avenues for growth.

Starting out, group posts provide you the greatest opportunity to quickly obtain the data needed to fine-tune your marketing strategy and identify avenues for growth in subsequent posts. Marketing is a journey, make the most of every step by never ceasing to obtain feedback from your target audience.

Use Your Human Resources


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Creating engaging content is very rarely a solo endeavor, especially when the goal was to post on platforms like LinkedIn. Between the initial shares after publication to formulating the content itself, your team may be the missing ingredient your content generation strategy needs to be truly effective in developing effective market awareness. Here are some things to consider when working with your team:

Let People Know When You Need Support

Make certain every member of your team, including new hires, understand the importance on social selling and how compelling content can lead to increased leads. Impress upon them the importance of leveraging best practices for creating content, which includes:

  • Automating Social Shares through Tools like IFTTT
  • Sharing from Company Page
  • Tagging Page Name Often

Make It A Game

Add a bit of excitement to your content generation strategy by offering rewards to team members that create the most engaging content by a set deadline. As long as it is stress-free, this will spur creativity without disrupting effective teamwork. You can utilize tracking URLs to ensure accurate results without having to take time away from important business activities.

Get Your Team On Board

Utilize your internal messaging system or rightly scheduled update emails to encourage team members to share content with outside sources. Just make certain that it is absolutely clear what you want shared, or else you’ll risk have a next quarter sales projections released by accident!

Use LinkedIn Management Software

With the right management software, you can collaborate with team members to ensure your social sharing strategy is implemented correctly. The tool you select should readily enable you to manage multiple profiles, and their unique content, from a single online portal that can be leveraged by your entire team with a minimum amount of training. It is through this collection of information that you will be able to identify potential avenues of growth while ensuring factionalism does not arise in your sales and marketing teams.

Finding Your Groove

Of all these social media platforms currently flooding the net, LinkedIn is readily considered to be among the most difficult to master by both novice and experienced content generators. The reasons for this are many, but boils down to the simple fact that it is the users who bring meaning to the service. As such, it is vital to understand that every marketing endeavor you undertake will have to be handled in an environment that anticipates the possibility for swift changes based upon new information.

The bright side of this is that the information you obtain to modify your existing branding campaign comes directly from your target audience. If you leverage this data correctly, you will see positive changes swiftly, translating to increased leads and potential conversions.