Move over Visa – social media is everywhere you want to be these days. The trick in getting your content noticed is not turning to social media when aiming to promote it, we already know that part. It’s taking the steps to stand out from the content that’s already saturating the market so that users land on your post and actually click to read it – and then share. Here are a few ways to make your post pop on social media.

Put Yourself In Their Shoes

One of the most effective ways to reach an audience is to become that audience. In essence, think and relate to ways your projected audience might best want to be engaged and start there. Are you targeting mothers for a new line of parenting products? Get some moms onto your social media team to offer insight. Is your post relating to sports or politics? Reach out to friends and family members who are into baseball or running for local office. The objective here is to sound like you know what you’re talking about and, if you don’t, recruit the people who do. Social media users are smart; they will know if you’ve done the research.

Give Them Something New

After a carefully selected team is in place, create content that offers social media users something fresh and new. Nothing is worse than seeing the same post title over and over again on a boring Friday afternoon in the office. Scroll. Next. But, wait. What if the post jumps out from the page and makes you scroll back up? That is what we’re talking about here. Social media users don’t want to re-hash everything – they want to be inspired. When they’re inspired by a specific post, they’ll click “share” to inspire their friends, too. Take this post from a radio station...sometimes just remembering something from your past can generate almost 50,000 shares and almost 1.5 million likes!


Share And Share Alike

The Facebook algorithm works generally like this: the more a Facebook post is shared, the more it will be seen by audiences not directly connected to your network. Share the post from your personal page, your professional page, your business page, your event page, and so on. Then, once you’ve shared, ask everyone involved in your team to share, too. Employee advocacy tools are available to help with this process should anyone need it. Extra tip: Facebook tends to rate posts from within their program higher than links to outside sources so, for example, you might want to share the post itself vs. re-submitting an outside link.

Make It Visual

Share a picture, video or meme in your post and watch the likes, shares and engagement levels skyrocket. Utilizing video heavy platforms like YouTube or Instagram in your posts will offer a cross-connection component between social shares and reach a wider audience than text alone. Force your potential new consumer to stop and pay attention to the content you’re offering. Words are stagnant; pictures and videos are sharp and entertaining. Keep in mind your intended audience when selecting the visual content. For instance, you’ll get more bees with honey if you post about water enhancements to a group of runners than knives to a group of vegetarians, for instance. This infographic does a pretty good job of explaining the benefits of visual content and why you should be utilizing visual content as often as possible:


Social Media Blasts

Sure, this tip guide is about ways to increase social media engagement, but let’s remember that we have to get the audience there first. Your intended audience might be glued to their email, but may have never logged into a social media site in their lives. How do you engage these folks? By bringing social media to them via email, of course. Select your top three or five social media posts of the week and plop them into an eBlast software – such as MailChimp or Constant Contact – and send away. Make sure to prepare an easy-to-understand link that directs them to each post in the newsletter. In addition to reaching the people you already have connections to, you’ll stand to gain some new followers, shares and likes this way. Make sure to constantly cultivate your e-list so that it remains current and functional.

Offer Incentives

Everyone wants a freebie, right? Offering an incentive to engage in your post content is a win-win for everyone involved. Imagine this: someone sees the opportunity to win free movie tickets by sharing your post and you gain some social media clientele. Score! As they win, you also gain access to their email addresses and/or mailing addresses, depending on how you choose to run the promotion.

Get Personal

Taking the time to hold events where you and your colleagues can meet with your audience is another way to rally the troops and get them to share your social media posts. People may be more inclined to invest in your company, brand or product if they feel you are invested in them, too. Everyone wants to be considered important, whether you’re a prospect, current consumer or past purchaser. Regardless of industry type, all businesses should remember that personalizing the customer’s experience can only lead to more sales and product engagement. Plus, it’s fun to have coffee with new friends and those you haven’t seen in a while. What, you’re friends on Facebook, but not in real life? That’s so 2010.


Tag, You’re It!

Tell us the truth: when you’re tagged in a post, doesn’t it make you feel vital to the operation? Like, say for instance, let’s take a running group. There are 10 members of a running group and the group leader tags everyone who went for the company’s Tuesday night jog. Now all 10 members wake up Wednesday morning to find out their friends and colleagues know they lead a healthy lifestyle because it says so – on their walls. Boom! Instant gratification. It feels good. It’s also easy. So start tagging. The more you tag, the more your post is shared and the more your brand is perceived positively on social media.

Tell us some of your top social media strategies in the comments below.