30 Social Media Features You Need To Know

Major social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others keep updating their applications every day to deliver the best interactive web and mobile experience to their users. With so many features and functions being released, we are bound to overlook some of these hidden gems. We did some digging and hunted down 30 features we feel you should know about, some of which pack a powerful punch and can enhance your social media experience on the respective network.

Read ahead to know more about these features - some you may already know about, others may be totally new to you, but we promise it'll be a great read nonetheless and we're curious how many of them you haven't known about until today!

5 Facebook Features You Need To Know

1. Save links to check out later

When someone in your news feed shares or posts links you would like to read for later, Facebook’s save link button will safely store these interesting tidbits for you. This feature is quite useful especially when you want to reference them in the future. 

Facebook Save Links To Read Layer

To use it, you only need to click the drop-down menu under the top, right corner of the post and the "Save link" (or video and so on) option shows up. When you have saved a few, you will see a new menu item in the left sidebar of your homepage (where your News Feed is) and you'll be able to go and explore them!

2. Don't want to friend someone? Follow them!

Ever come across a profile on Facebook and seen a "Follow" option next to "Add Friend"? This gives you the ability to see what that person has posted publicly in your news feed, without actually having to friend that person. Nifty trick, right? Certainly comes in handy in situations where a friend requested hasn't been accepted.

To enable the follow feature on your profile, go to your settings in Facebook and click on “Public Posts” in the left-hand menu. Once the "Public Post Filters and Tools" window has loaded, you can manage your preferences and choose who can follow you.

Facebook Enable Follow On Your Profile

3. Share files via Messenger

Chatting to a customer on Messenger and having difficulty visualizing their issue? Ask them to send a screenshot and share the file directly through Messenger! Anyone (including businesses when responding back to customers) is able to share files via Messenger by clicking on the paperclip icon at the bottom of the chat box.

Facebook Share Files Via Messenger

4. Change the order of the tabs on your page

Not digging the order of the tabs on your Facebook page? No problem! You can easily change the order of them with just a few clicks! To do so, simply click on "Settings" then "Edit Page" on the left-hand side and you can literally drag and drop and order of the tabs. Home is always going to be the first, but everything else is fair game after that!

Facebook Reorder Page Tabs

5. Embed any post into your website

Want to share one of your Facebook posts on your website, perhaps in a blog post? You can now embed posts by clicking the drop-down arrow in the top right corner of any Facebook post and clicking on "Embed". Facebook gives you a code that you simply have to copy and paste into your website, just like we did here (if someone clicks on it, they'll be taken directly to that post so they can engage with it):

5 Twitter Features You Need To Know

1. Analyze your tweets for free

Did you know you have access to Twitter analytics at no cost? If you haven't turned analytics on for your account yet, click here to do so. You will then be able to view metrics such as impressions and engagement for each of your tweets, as well as see your top tweets and what your average daily activity is like, including link clicks, retweets, likes, and replies. You can choose the date range for which you wish to view the data, and even export it into an Excel file. 

2. Are people in your photo? Tag them!

Each time you upload a photo to Twitter, you can up tag up to 10 people who are in the photo. When you compose a new tweet, click on “Who’s in this photo?” and search for people to tag in the photo. It can be used on both web and phone applications, and the people you tag will not be included in the 140 character limit, so tag away!

Twitter Tag People In Photos

3. Share multiple photos in a single tweet

Did you know that you can now share up to 4 photos in a single tweet? It’s called photo collages. When you are composing your tweet, simply click on "Add more photos" each time you want to add another photo to your tweet. If you try to add more than 4, Twitter will let you know you have to remove a photo first. Here's a quick example: 

Twitter Share Multiple Photos In A Single Tweet

4. Tweet via a text message

Tired of using the Twitter app on your phone? No problem! You can activate Twitter text messaging and you will be given a short or long code to text your tweets to. Twitter will then publish them to your profile just as if they were published from the Twitter app or website. You can even use commands to follow, retweet, favorite, and more via text message!

For more information on the commands, click here. To activate Twitter text messaging, go to "Settings and privacy" then "Mobile" and add your phone number to your account. 

Twitter Text Messaging

5. Research and analyze hashtags

Want to see what the latest tweets are using a certain hashtag? Or the top tweets by hashtag? Or do you want to sort photos or videos by hashtag? Or even search for people to follow based on what hashtag they have in their bio (in case you didn't know, you can put hashtags in your bio, for this exact reason, to make it easier for you to be found in search results)? All of that can be done directly on Twitter using their search bar!

Simply type your hashtag in and have fun browsing - or use the "Search Filters" (you can look at only tweets from people you follow or only tweets near you) to bring up the "Advanced Search" to do an even more detailed search using these search parameters to search beyond hashtags to start looking for tweets containing certain words, tweets written in a certain language, and more!

Twitter Advanced Search Options

5 Google+ Features You Need To Know

1. Create a simple poll with a few clicks

Tired of just sharing posts, links, and photos on Google+? How about running a poll? Simply click on the poll icon within the post composer and you will be prompted to upload a photo for your poll and initially, you will be presented with two choices. Should you need more for your poll, click "Add Choice", and then type the question you want to ask into the text box, then post when you're done!

Create Polls On Google+

2. Apply formatting to your text with ease

Compared to other social networks, Google+ has some of the most advanced text formatting capabilities out there. You can very easily bold or italicize your text, strike-through your text, and create numbered lists. Here are the available options - they can be used when both posting and commenting.

Google+ Text Formatting Options

3. Create an empty circle and save posts for future reference

Remeber earlier for Facebook, how we discussed saving links so you can check them out later? You can do the same with Google+ with this cool workaround. First, create a circle that has no one in it. Or create multiple empty circles if you want to categorize the posts you're saving (for example, social media marketing, content marketing, and so on). Then when you find a post you'd like to reference at a later date, simply click the "Share" icon, find the appropriate circle, and you're done! Being the circle is empty, it is viewable only by you, so you've now created your very own post libraries within Google+.

4. Browse Google+ with keyboard shortcuts

Tired of using your mouse to browse Google+? No problem - check out these keyboard shortcuts instead! For some, they truly help improve the user experience on Google+ and cut through some bugs you might encounter with a mouse. Test them out and see which you prefer!

Browser Google+ With Keyboard Shortcuts

5. Mute notifications on a per-post basis

Google+ notifications can add up pretty quickly, especially if you are sharing your blog posts within Communities like we do. If you find a post is garnering way too many notifications and you simply have had enough, you can mute the notifications for that post. To do so, simply click on the overflow icon (the one with the three vertical dots) in the upper right-hand corner of the post, then click "Mute" and you're done!

Mute Notifications On Google+

5 LinkedIn Features You Need To Know 

1. Export a list of your connections into a spreadsheet

LinkedIn allows its users to export their connections into a spreadsheet in different formats. It includes a full list of connection that contains their name, company name, position in the company and their email address. To export, you have to click on “My Network” in the top menu of your LinkedIn page, then “Your Connections” on the left rail.  Then in the advanced actions, you will see “Export Contacts.” 

LinkedIn Export Your Connections

2. Embed media files on your profile

Want to showcase your work on your LinkedIn profile? How about embedding some media files - like images, links, SlideShares, documents, audio, or video? LinkedIn profiles are notoriously text-heavy, so media files help break that up a bit and enable you to brag some and show others exactly what you're capable of.

To embed media files on your profile, click the "Edit" icon on the profile page (it looks like a pencil) and then scroll down towards the bottom to the "Media" section (just under "Summary") where you'll be able to upload or link to the media files of your choosing. Click here for a list of supported file formats.

Embed Media Files On Your LinkedIn Profile

3. Gain visibility by joining groups

While not so much a direct feature, if you're looking to give a boost to your personal profile and even your brand, joining groups is the way to go. There are so many LinkedIn groups to choose from for practically every niche out there, giving you the opportunity to share valuable, industry relevant content (such as blogs) and comment on content shared by others. Over time, you can position yourself as an expert in your field and build long-lasting relationships. 

4. Save job searches and set alerts

After you have performed a job search on LinkedIn via the "Jobs" tab, you will see a button that says "Create search alert". You can then set the frequency of the alert (daily, weekly, or monthly) and how you want to be notified. Quite helpful as up to 10 searches can be saved at a time. 

LinkedIn Save Job Searches

5. Perform targeted searches using filters

The LinkedIn search bar is quite robust. You can search for people, companies, jobs, and more, but the filters are what makes their search tool truly magical. If you're searching for people, you can perform targeted searches using criteria such as location, current or past company, industry, or school, for example. If you're searching for jobs, you can use filters to narrow the results based on location, experience level, industry, or job function. To access the search filters, simply perform any search using the search bar and the filters will appear on the right-hand side. Check out this video from LinkedIn on using the search tool to find the right people:

5 Pinterest Features You Need To Know

1. Create secret boards

Keep some boards on your Pinterest page hidden from other users. Create a board that only you can see, which is an ideal for digital marketers so they can plan ahead before sharing it publicly to others. When adding a new secret board, you only have to go to your profile on Pinterest and scroll down. There you will see all your existing secret boards (if you have any) and the button to create more secret boards.

Create Secret Boards On Pinterest

2. Follow Interests

Are you looking for pins about your favorite topics? Did you know you can access this information on Pinterest without having to follow pinners one at a time? Simply go to https://www.pinterest.com/explore/TOPIC (enter the topic you're looking for pins about at the end of that link) and Pinterest will open you up to a whole world of interesting pins, and then you can actually follow that interest and have the most popular pins surrounding that topic delivered right into your Pinterest feed. This is a great way to find not only new pins but also new pinners to follow.

3. See who is pinning from any website

Curious what Pinterest users are pinning from your website or any website for that matter? If you're wanting to check out all of the latest pins from your website (or the latest pins from other websites), you can type the following URL into your address bar and you'll get results similar to the below: http://www.pinterest.com/source/yourwebsite.com (change "yourwebsite.com" to the URL of the website you're wanting to get the data on).

See Who Is Pinning On Pinterest

4. Move pins between boards in batches

Do you have pins that don't fit a board description anymore? Or maybe you've compiled enough pins in a board that they now require their own board? No problem, when using Pinterest on a desktop, you can quickly and easily move those pins between boards in batches. All you have to do is go to the board that has the pins, click on "Move Pins" in the right-hand corner, select all of the pins, choose "Move", then select the board where they are going. Check out this GIF for visual directions as well:

5. Add collaborators to boards

Need a hand with adding pins to your boards? Consider adding a collaborator to pin to your group board with you! Click the "Edit" button on your chosen board and you will see a popup window with an option to invite people and “Who can add pins?” will appear. A request will be sent to the user and once they have accepted your invite, they will be able to add pins to that board alongside you.

Add Collaborators To Pinterest Boards

5 Instagram Features You Need To Know

1. Get notified of new posts

Want to make sure you're always in the loop when your favorite influencer on Instagram posts? You can turn on post notifications for specific Instagram users and receive notifications on your mobile device each time that user posts a new photo. Before you can do this, you must first allow notifications in your Instagram app.

On Apple devices, go to "Settings", then "Notifications", select "Instagram", and "Allow Notifications". On Android Devices, go to "Settings", then "Apps," then "Instagram", and choose the option to allow notifications.

Getting back to Instagram, open up the profile for your favorite influencer and click on the overflow icon (the vertical icon with three dots) and choose "Turn On Post Notifications".

Get Notified Of New Posts On Instagram

2. Embed Instagram posts on your website

Have an awesome Instagram post you want to include in a blog you're writing? Instead of simply directing traffic to your Instagram profile, how about embedding the actual post into your blog? This way your readers will be able to interact with a live post and when they click on it, they'll go directly to that post where they can like or comment on it, as well as follow your Instagram profile.

To embed any post on your website, simply click on the post, then click on the overflow icon (the vertical icon with three dots), choose "Embed", and copy and paste the code onto your website. Here is an example of an embedded post:


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3. See photos you've liked in the past

Searching for a post you liked on Instagram, but can't find it? That feeling is awful (especially when you just liked it, and you know it couldn't have gone too far!), but Instagram has a solution for that with the "Posts You've Liked" feature. It often goes forgotten because of how Instagram has tucked it away, but alas, it's there, and here is how you can access it:

  • Click on your profile icon in the bottom right of the Instagram app
  • Click on the overflow icon (the vertical icon with the three dots) in the upper right-hand corner
  • Scroll down and click "Posts You've Liked"

4. Change the order of your filters

If you use Instagram often, chances are you have at least a few filters you favor over others. Did you know you could change the order of your filters, moving those to the top so you don't have to go scrolling looking for them every time?

To do this, next time you go to use a filter, scroll all the way to the end of the filters (the far right), and click on "Manage" to bring up the below screen. You can then press and hold down on those three gray lines on the left-hand side to drag and drop the filters into your preferred order. Or use the checkmarks to decide which filters are even displayed by default in the menu. 

Instagram Change The Order Of Your Filters

5. Repost Instagram photos and tag influencers

Unlike other social media networks, Instagram does not allow you to directly repost content. Luckily, there are third-party applications out there, such as Repost for Instagram, Websta, and Photo Repost to give you a hand with this. Those apps enable you to repost photos without having to take screenshots from Instagram, crop them, and re-upload yourself.

Make sure you tag the original poster when you repost the content so that they receive a notification of the repost to help build a relationship, in hopes that poster will follow and engage with your content as well.

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