40 Instagram Hidden Tips Tricks You Might Not Know

As we all know, Instagram plays a crucial role in the social media world -- with their eye-catching 700 million active monthly users and 200 million active users who use Stories daily. This huge amount of potential customers cannot be ignored by businesses, making Instagram a crucial piece of any social media marketing strategy nowadays.

Did you know that Instagram users like an average of 4.2 billion posts per day? Yup, that's A LOT of likes. Don't let your business get left behind - here are 40 hidden Instagram tips and tricks to help improve your Instagram experience and put you one step ahead of your competition!

1. Save posts privately

Instagram is making it easy to mark photos that you want to revisit later by allowing you to save them privately. Found something on your feed that you want to save for later? Here's how you can do it:

  1. Select the post you want to save
  2. You'll find the option to bookmark it below the post on the right-hand part of the screen
  3. Select the bookmark icon again in your profile to view all saved posts. 

2. Enable notifications for certain users

Enable push notifications if you want to monitor the Instagram activity of some users.

  1. Visit the account you want to receive post notifications from
  2. Tap the three dots on the upper right-hand part of the screen
  3. Select Turn on Post Notifications

To turn it back off, the steps are the same.

Enable user notifications
Source: Matt Elliott/CNET

3. Adding line breaks to your bio

To make your bio visually appealing, you can add line breaks to your bio. Here's how to do it.

Via mobile:

  1. Write your bio using a text editor and type it as you'd like it to show on your bio, including line breaks
  2. Select all and Copy
  3. Visit your Instagram profile and click Edit Profile
  4. Paste the text into the bio field
  5. Save changes

Via desktop:

  1. Login to Instagram using a web browser
  2. Select Edit Profile
  3. Type your bio and press enter per line to create line breaks
  4. Save changes by clicking Submit

4. Adding a link in your bio

Aside from ads, your profile bio is the only place in Instagram where clickable link is available. Make good use of it by using highlighting promotions, content, or simply promoting your blog.

You may also use shortened URLs with UTM parameters so you can monitor how much traffic came from your Instagram profile.

Click here for steps on how to edit your bio.

5. Check out all your liked posts

If you want to be inspired for your brand, a good way is to check the profiles of people who liked your post? You can actually see the 300 recently liked photos which can be useful to see what captures your audience's attention.

  1. Login to your account
  2. If you're on iOS, click the gear icon or the three dots if you are on Android then select Options
  3. Select Posts You've Liked

This feature is only available via in-app. If you want to see an updated list of posts you liked on a desktop, connect your Instagram profile to your Social Report dashboard and begin monitoring your activity.

6. Delete your search history

As you know, Instagram has a search history and displays recent keywords the next time you do a search. If you want to clear out your search history, follow the steps below:

  1. Login to your profile
  2. Tap the gear icon if you are iOS or the three dots if you are on Android then select Options
  3. Scroll to the bottom, then select Clear Search History

If you don't want places, individual accounts, or hashtags to appear in future searches, Instagram provides you with the ability to delete them from your search history, as well. To do this, visit the search page by clicking on the magnifying glass icon and once you see the search you would like to remove from your search history, tap and hold it until Hide appears and then click that.

7. Rearrange your filters

If you have a favorite filter, you can make it appear first when editing images. You can even hide the ones you don't use.

  1. Select a photo then Filter
  2. Scroll to the end of your filters then select Manage
  3. On the left side of the screen, select and hold the three lines next to each filter to rearrange the order of the filters
  4. On the right side of each filter, check or uncheck the circles to hide or unhide them
  5. Save it by clicking Done
Manage Filters on Instagram.png 

8. Monitor activity for the users you follow

Interested in knowing what the users you follow are doing on Instagram? If you are a business who wants to get an idea of the kinds of posts that drive engagement, simply view your users' activity - including their likes and comments.

  1. Select the heart icon at the bottom of the screen to visit the activity tab
  2. At the topmost part of the screen, click Following

9. Add multiple accounts

If you are planning to have two or more accounts (i.e. one for business and one personal), you can do so by following the steps below.

  1. On your profile, select the gear/three dots icon to go to Options
  2. At the bottom of the screen, click Add Account
  3. Log in your second account
  4. If you want to switch accounts, click the arrow beside your profile name and select your second account

10. Share your photos to Pinterest

Pinterest is not yet available from Instagram's sharing options. However, you can still pin it by following the steps below:

Via mobile:

  1. Select the post you'd like to share on Pinterest
  2. Select the three dots in the upper-right part of the post
  3. Select Copy Link
  4. Go to your Pinterest profile
  5. Click the plus sign located at the upper right part of the page
  6. Select Copied link
  7. Pinterest will then open the link that is saved to your clipboard
  8. Choose the image you'd like to Pin

Via desktop:

  1. Go to Instagram.com and select the post you'd like to Pin
  2. Right-click the photo and choose Open Link in New Window
  3. Choose the image you'd like to Pin using the Pinterest browser button

11. Delete comments

Aside from comments left by other users, you can also delete your own comments by following the steps below:

Deleting your own comment:

  1. Tap the bubble icon below the post you commented on
  2. Swipe to the left over the comment you'd like to delete
  3. Select the trashcan icon

Delete comments of other users:

  1. Tap the post containing the comment you like to delete
  2. Swipe to the left of the comment
  3. Tap the trash can icon or continue swiping to the left to delete the comment

12. Comment controls

Instagram now has the capability to filter comments by keyword or disable it entirely for a particular post.

  1. Visit your profile
  2. Select the gear icon and go to Options
  3. Go to Comments
  4. To hide offensive comments, enable Hide Inappropriate Comments
  5. Create your own list of keywords through Manual Filter
Comment controls on Instagram
Source: Instagram

How to disable comments:

  1. When posting a photo, go to the part where you add location, caption, and other tags
  2. Select Advanced Settings
  3. Enable Turn Off Commenting
How to disable comments on Instagram
Source: Instagram

You can enable it back on by tapping the three dots icon above the photo and select Turn On Commenting. You can also disable comments on older posts by following the same steps.

13. Add line breaks in your captions

To make it visually appealing, you may want to consider adding line breaks in your captions:

  1. Select the image and write your caption as usual
  2. Access the Return key by tapping the 123 key on your keyboard
  3. Click Return to add line breaks to your caption 

Adding line breaks will not create a paragraph break. To do so, just write out your caption in your phone's notepad and copy it into Instagram. 

14. Zoom in on details

Want to view the image more closely? You can actually zoom in on the picture! 

  1. On the image, pinch using your two fingers  

15. Hide tagged photos

Isn't it annoying to be tagged in an image that doesn't include you in it? You can now hide them from your profile.

  1. In your profile, go to the Photos of You tab
  2. Go to options by tapping the three dots in the upper-right part of the screen
  3. Tap Hide Photos
  4. Choose the photos you'd like hidden from your account then select Hide Photos

16. Approve tagged photos manually

Get more control over your photos by manually choosing what you want to appear in your profile. Everytime someone tags you, you will get a notification to approve it before it appears in your tagged photos feed.

Click here on how to enable this.

17. Move from personal to a business profile

Business profiles offer a lot of advantages -- including a profile call-to-action button, ability to run ads and access to insights. So if you have the regular account for your brand, a business profile may be worth switching to.

  1. Visit your profile and select the store icon at the top right part of the screen
  2. Welcome to Instagram Business Tools
  3. Keep clicking Continue until you reach the part where you have to choose a Facebook page (you must connect a Facebook page to have a business profile)
  4. Once you've selected the Facebook Page you like to connect, fill in the required information such as email, phone number, or business location
  5. Save your profile 

18. Edit a photo without having to share it

Instagram offers great image filters that sometimes we want to just use it but not publish the photo on our profile. Yes, this is possible.

  1. Visit your profile and tap the gear icon to go to Options
  2. Scroll down and turn on Save Original Photos
  3. Enable airplane mode on your device
  4. Open the photo you'd like to edit in Instagram
  5. Start editing your photo
  6. Once you're done editing, select Share
  7. It will not be posted since you are on airplane mode
  8. The photo will now be saved to your phone gallery
  9. Disable airplane mode, you now have an edited photo

19. Apply two or more filters to your photo

If you want to experiment with filters by combining them in one photo, you may do so by following the steps below.

  1. Follow the instructions in #18 to save a photo without sharing it
  2. Open the saved image from your phone gallery
  3. Add a second filter
  4. Repeat the process and add as many filters as you like
  5. Post your photo

20. Schedule your posts

There are several tools that allow you to automatically schedule posts on various social networks. For example -- with Social Report, posts that contain a photo can be scheduled to Instagram and other social networks such as Facebook and Twitter at the same time.

Set up publishing to Instagram on your mobile device via the Social Report app:

  • Open your Social Report app on your iPhone and Android
  • Login (if you are already logged in - log out first)
  • Go back to Social Report and check under My Account - you should see your device connected.
  • You can now begin scheduling to your Instagram profile. When you do - you will be offered to select any of the devices available in this project. 

21. Create grid posts

We have all seen some pros who have a nice layout of their photos by cutting the photos and posting it like a puzzle. 

  1. To achieve #triplegram, simply share three images at once so that they take up an entire row to create a single unified look
  2. To share a grid post, use free apps like these ones to cut your photo and share them all at the same time
Reynolds Kitchen Instagram
Source: Reynolds Kitchen

22. Adjust filter intensity

You can adjust the intensity of image filters for a more subtle look.

  1. Open the image and select the filter you'd like to use
  2. Choose the filter again to open the editing options
  3. Adjust the filter intensity using the sliding scale
  4. Select Done to save changes

23. Change text colors

Unleash your creativity with this fun and colorful hack.

  1. Go to Instagram Stories and take a photo/video
  2. Select the Aa icon at the top right part of the screen
  3. Write your text as usual
  4. Tap and hold on a word or phrase to highlight
  5. Select the color of your choice
  6. Continue editing until you're done and share your post

24. Send disappearing videos/photos to other users

As Snapchat popularized, Instagram now also offers disappearing photos or videos. Using Instagram Direct, you can send a disappearing video, photo, or Boomerang to another user.

  1. Open Instagram Direct by tapping the airplane icon at the top part of the screen
  2. Click the camera icon to take a video, photo, or Boomerang
  3. Tap the arrow at the bottom right part of the screen
  4. Choose your recipient or select New Group
  5. Select Send

If you don't create a group and select multiple recipients the same message will be sent to each user.

25. Share videos with no audio

If your video doesn't require any audio, you can disable that by doing the following:

  1. Select the + at the bottom part of the screen and select the video
  2. Click Next
  3. Adjust the volume control to mute the video

You can also do this in Instagram Stories. After recording a video, simply tap the volume icon at the topmost part of the screen to mute.

26. Record videos with multiple scenes

Users can record a multi-clip video or add multiple video clips directly in Instagram.

Uploading a video with multiple clips:

  1. Select the + icon at the bottom of the screen
  2. Select Library then choose a video to upload
  3. Tap Next at the upper right part of the screen, then select Trim
  4. Click the + icon at the bottom to select additional video clips
  5. Once you're done adding your clips, tap to trim or press and hold to reorder
  6. To delete a video clip, drag it to the center of the screen
  7. Finish your edits and share your video

Recording a video with multiple clips:

  1. Select the + icon at the bottom of the screen
  2. Tap Video
  3. Select the circle icon and begin recording
  4. To record multiple clips, lift your finger to pause and then press and hold it again to record
  5. To delete a clip you don't want, select Delete, then click again to confirm

27. Save drafts so you can post later

Saving a post retains any edits you made until you're ready to post it in your account.

  1. Take or upload a photo or video
  2. Edit the post by adding filters, caption, and location
  3. Select the < icon in the upper left part of the screen to go back then select < again
  4. Select Save Draft
  5. When you're ready to share your post, select the + icon, then select Library
  6. A new Drafts section will now appear above Camera Roll
  7. Go to Manage to see all saved drafts
  8. Select a photo/video you'd like to post, continue editing and share to your account
Save drafts for later on Instagram

28. Search for relevant hashtags

Instagram can give relevant hashtag suggestions using the Discover feature.

  1. Visit the Discover tab
  2. Type in a keyword to search for hashtags
  3. Choose any hashtag from the list
  4. In a page of posts using that hashtag, there is bar labeled Related (above the Most Recent and Top Posts portion)
  5. Instagram will show you a list of suggested hashtags that you can use for your future posts

29. Save frequently used hashtags

When you're in a hurry, saving your commonly used hashtags in a notepad can be handy so you won't have to manually type them in every time you share a post. 

  1. Add all of your frequently used hashtags in your phone's notepad
  2. Whenever you're sharing a post, just copy and paste your text in Instagram

30. Hide hashtags

Having a lot of hashtags on every post can look spammy. Still, most people or brands do it because everybody knows its benefits and advantages. As a solution, you can hide your hashtags so users are focused on your content.

  1. Instead of putting in captions, just add the hashtags in a comment below your post
  2. Bury them beneath a series of line breaks by tapping the 123 key when composing a caption

31. Record a hands-free video

Not many users know this, but Instagram actually has hands-free video recording. This makes it easier to record videos with both your hands-free to do other things.

Instagram Record Hands Free Videos
Source: Instagram-press.com
  1. Go to your Instagram Stories camera by swiping to the right on your home screen
  2. Swipe through the options Normal, Boomerang, Hands-Free and select the hands-free recording option
  3. Tap the record button and begin recording
  4. To stop recording, tap the circle once again

32. Design your Story using colored pens

Be creative and create Stories that are colorful and bright with a variety of colored pens that you can use to draw on top of your image. You can do this by:

  1. Going to the Instagram Stories camera
  2. Take a photo or record a video
  3. Select the pen icon in the top right part of the screen
  4. Draw using your hand
  5. Change the color from the options at the bottom of the screen
  6. Click Done to share your post

33. Unlock stickers

Add some fun in your Instagram Story by adding stickers such as weather and location. To enable stickers on your profile:

  1. Open your Instagram Stories camera
  2. Take a photo or record a video
  3. Tap the smiley face icon in the upper right part of the screen
  4. Select a sticker
  5. If you want, click on the sticker to browse through several options
  6. Adjust the size and add your sticker anywhere on the screen
  7. Repeat as many times you want

34. Share videos/photos from your gallery on Stories

You can add any photos in your Gallery as part of your Instagram Stories as long as you took it within 24 hours. Here's how to do it:

  1. Open your Instagram Stories camera
  2. Swipe up from the bottom to access your photo gallery
  3. Choose your photo or video
  4. Edit and share your Story as usual

35. Mention other users in your Instagram Story

Instagram Stories allows you to mention other users. If a user is mentioned it will appear underlined and clicking on it will redirect you to the tagged profile. This is a great way to promote other businesses or mention an influencer.

  1. Go to the Instagram Stories camera
  2. Take a video/photo
  3. Click the Aa icon to add text
  4. Type the username you want to mention with the @ symbol
  5. Up to 10 users can be mentioned per post
  6. Once you mention someone, they will be notified that they've been tagged with a direct message from you containing the preview of the photo

36. Prevent some users from seeing your Story

There will be moments wherein you want to hide your whereabouts to some users. Here's how to do it:

  1. On your profile, select the gear icon to access Options
  2. Below your Account, select Story Settings
  3. Select Hide My Story From
  4. Select the users you'd like to hide your Story from
  5. Select Done

37. Share to Instagram Story a photo that's older than 24 hours

Here's an easy hack to share a photo to Stories even though it's already more than 24 hours old:

  1. Take a screenshot of the image you want to share
  2. The duplicate image will now save to your photo gallery as a new photo which you can now share as a Story

38. Create Boomerangs from Live Photos

If you have an iPhone, Live Photos can actually be converted to Boomerangs.

  1. Take a Live Photo using your iPhone or iPad
  2. Open your Instagram Stories camera
  3. Swipe up to access your photo gallery and select your Live Photo
  4. Press firmly on the screen to activate 3D Touch
  5. Boomerang will now appear, your Live Photo will begin looping as a Boomerang
  6. Share your Story

This feature is only available for photos that are less than 24 hours old.

39. Remove location from your photos

While it's really great to have a visual representation of your whereabouts, geotagging all your pictures may raise some privacy concerns. You have two ways to remove the location of your posted photos in case you changed your mind.

  1. Select the photo that you want to remove the location.
  2. Tap the ellipsis icon, click Edit.
  3. Once in Edit mode, click the Location right below your username.
  4. Click on the location to remove it.
Remove tagged location

40. Save your Stories to your phone gallery

Some of us would want to preserve our stories and save them before they expire. Here's how to do that:

  1. Open your Story and swipe up
  2. Tap the arrow in the upper right part of the screen

Another way is to tap the downward arrow icon located in the bottom left part of the screen and save the posts from your Story itself. If you've already shared the post, just go to the video/photo, select the three dots icon in the bottom right and click Save Photo