In this article we are going to explain how to post awesome Tweets and be in full control of how the tweets are actually posted.

We will be covering the following posting options when it comes to how your tweets can appear:

  1. As an article tweet (link with large preview)
  2. As a photo tweet (tweet with or without link with a big image)
  3. As a tweet with multiple photos (tweet with or without link and multiple images)
  4. Tweet with animated graphic (tweet with or without link with a single animated graphic)
  5. Video post (tweet with or without a link and one video 

Option #1: Article

Post with link and expanded link preview (image, title, and description)

When designing a post simply draft your message and include a link:


Once you schedule this post - this is how this Tweet will look:

Twitter Image Tweet

Option #2: Image

Post with link but with image instead of link preview

This is the type of post that results in a tweet being accompanied by an image. When user clicks the image - the user sees larger image. When you draft your post, simply click on "Just use an image". 

 Twitter Image Tweet

Option #3: Multiple Image

Post with or without link and multiple images

Twitter allows tweets with up to 4 images. If your post contains link simply close link preview by clicking 'Close Link Preview' and then attach up to 4 images by clicking on "Change Media".

Twitter Multiple Images 

Option 4: Animated GIFs

Posting an tweet containing an animated GIF works the same way as posting a regular image with 2 exceptions:

1) You can only publish a single animated GIF

2) It must be an image post. It can't be part of a link preview.

Animated Tweet 

Option 5: Publish videos

Publishing videos is really no different from publishing animated GIFs. When you design your Tweet, simply close link preview and then proceed to attaching a video.


The tweet will be uploaded with a video

Video Tweet

There are few restrictions when it comes to scheduling videos (they are quite similar to those that apply to animated GIFs scheduling)

1) You can only publish a single video per tweet

2) It must be an video post. You can't upload videos as part of link preview. 

Please also note that each project has a built in Media Library with access to images you have used in the past as well as with access to thousands of free images and animated GIFs.