Instagram For Business The Importance Of Location Tagging

So, let's talk about location tagging on Instagram for a minute.

When someone is sharing a post on Instagram, they are presented with an "Add Location" option. This basically gives them the option to check-in at the location, similar to what you see on Facebook.

Instagram users will be presented with nearby locations based on their GPS location, or they can type into the "Find a location" text box to search for a location.

When a location is added to a post on Instagram, this is what the post ends up looking like:

Instagram Location Tagging

Where are these locations coming from? Simple: Facebook.

As a business, if you already have a Facebook page for your business, then chances are your business will already be coming up as a location choice on Instagram.

However, if you have tested this out on Instagram and you are not seeing your business on Instagram, you can actually create a new location on Facebook (this feature is only available on the Facebook app for Android and iPhone).

Once created, the location will be available on Instagram. You may find that patrons of your business may have already created a location for your business for you!

What Are The Benefits Of Location Tagging?

Lately, people have begun using Instagram in a similar way to Yelp—that is, to search for local businesses. They might be out and about in the mood for a certain kind of food, or they are looking for a specialty store, and instead of turning to Yelp or Google, they do a search on Instagram to find local businesses that meet their needs.

While there are no statistics pointing to the number of searches on Instagram, plenty of success stories are out there about businesses who have been located on Instagram and generated revenue because of it.

Here is an example of a search on Instagram for "Korean BBQ New York":

Searching For Locations On Instagram

If you are a business and you are posting an image of one of your products or services, you should tag your own business location in your post.

Why? Posts with a tagged location result in 79% higher engagement than posts without a tagged location.

Think about it this way, as well—say you're a Korean BBQ restaurant, like in the above example, and you posted an image of one of your signature dishes and tagged your location, and your followers then shared that post.


Others who are seeing that post will likely be more inclined to visit your location to try that dish out if they know upfront where you are located, versus having to look up that information on their own.

And if that's not reason enough for you to buy into location tagging, if someone were to click on the location name (or search for it), or in the above example, the name of your restaurant, they would then be able to view all posts on Instagram that have been tagged with your location (like in the below example).

So not only would they be able to see images you have posted of all of your amazing dishes, but they would be able to see posts from Instagram users who may be eating at your establishment and sharing images of their dishes and of themselves having a great time, which further increases the likelihood of them wanting to pop on by for a visit.

Talk about a win-win scenario for your business!


Adding Location Stickers To Instagram Stories

In addition to being able to tag a post with a location on Instagram, you can also add a location sticker to Instagram stories. What are the benefits of doing this? When the sticker is tapped on (see below for an example), the Instagram user will be redirected to the search results page and will be able to learn more about your business by viewing all posts that have been tagged with your location, similar to the above example.

Make sure to check out our best practices for Instagram stories.

This provides you with yet another opportunity on Instagram to potentially convert Instagram users into new customers, so not only should you be adding location stickers to all of your Instagram stories, but you should also be encouraging your customers to do the same.

Instagram Story Location Sticker

To add a location sticker to your Instagram story, follow these steps:

  • Begin by creating your Instagram story by tapping the camera icon in the top left of your screen or swiping right from anywhere in the feed
  • Take a photo or record a video
  • Tap on the sticker icon, which looks like a square smiley face, at the top of the story screen and select the location sticker option
  • Type the name of the location you want to use and select a corresponding name from the list that appears
  • You can then rotate, resize, or move the location sticker, as well as add text to your story, for example, and once you are done with editing, click Next to upload your story to Instagram

Location Tracking - Why Is This Important?

Congrats, you are now successfully tagging your business on Instagram!

This will ideally lead to more people finding out about your business and lead to increased revenue for your business!

Location tagging is critical to engagement on Instagram and critical to being found by users, so you're one step ahead of your competition by simply understanding the benefits of location tagging and implementing it into your posting.

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