Readers and followers are expecting real value more and more each day. As a company with an audience from multiple countries, speaking multiple languages, you’ll need to make a decision about how you’ll reach each follower and give them a personalized experience.

With Facebook, you can either create and run individual business pages for each region or country that you interact with, or you can establish Global Pages. No matter how many international locations you have, Facebook’s Global Pages can help you manage pages for each region in a more efficient way.


Basic Functionality

Let’s start with an overview of the basic functionality and structure of Global Pages.

  • Allows you to switch between Global Page and Country specific pages
  • Gives you country-specific vanity URLs
  • Audience is automatically directed to the best page for them
  • Unique cover photo and profile photos for each page
  • Country-specific insights 

One of the big brands using the Global Page functionality is Pepsi. If we take a look at their page, we can see that here in the United States, we’re automatically directed to PepsiUS, their page focused on the U.S. market.




As a company with a global reach, it makes a lot of sense to use Global Pages. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits in considering this for your brand: 

Global & Country Specific Data

One of the great benefits of using Global Pages is the ability to get country specific metrics as well as Global data. You’re able to learn how your content is performing for each location’s market, which helps you optimize content for that specific demographics. Social Reports’ analytics allows you to connect those pages and collect data effortlessly. 


Relevant Conversation

By having region-specific pages, you’re able to connect to customers or fans on a more personal level.


By offering deals or promotions specific to the audience local to one of your regions, you will be able to optimize your reach, create region specific content, and increase awareness in your key markets. Since a viewer’s region will determine which page they’re automatically shown, they will always get the most relevant content and promotions.



There are a few drawbacks to using Global Pages that you should consider when thinking if it’s right for your brand: 

Content Management

It can be very difficult to create and manage content for each individual region you may have. Using Social Report’s scheduling features can positively impact your effectiveness and productivity when scheduling and managing content for your brand’s Global Pages. With this, you’re able to schedule content to be posted at later dates, target specific user demographics, and syndicate content from other sources. When paired with Social Report’s analytics, monitoring, automation, and other features, managing your brand’s Global Pages will be almost effortless.



Structure Changes

Another challenge when using Facebook’s Global Pages is making changes to the structure. Adding pages and modifying the structure on a regular business page is easy, and you can do it yourself. However, Facebook requires you to contact them to make such changes or additions if you’re using Global Pages since as of now this is not something you are able to do yourself.


Open to All Advertisers

Global Pages is no longer a feature made available to large businesses advertising on Facebook. They have begun rolling out this feature to all advertisers, however, this roll out is gradual, and may not be available to you just yet.