5 Content Editing Tips For Social Media Managers

Social media has become one of the most powerful marketing tools. In fact, most businesses are using social media to communicate with their existing customers and also attract new customers. This is beneficial because it is a cost-effective method of reaching out to people. It is also a method which conveys the required message in real time. But it is also a method that can cause a lot of damage if not used properly.

Making mistakes while posting something can readily make customers change their minds against a particular brand. There are many businesses which have paid heavy prices when they posted or tweeted messages which were not accurate. It becomes very hard to convince customers that the message that was posted had mistakes. Most customers will believe the first message and as a result, they might get mislead by posts with errors. This makes it paramount to take time and edit everything that is being posted on social media.

Here are five editing tips that can help anyone be able to post the right messages on social media:

Try To Have Someone Else Edit Your Work Before Posting

While writing anything there is a likelihood of making mistakes and failing to notice such mistakes. This is even after proofreading the work and trying to edit the visible mistakes. This is attributed to the fact that almost everyone has a blind spot which prevents one from noticing some mistakes that might be on a post or a tweet. But if another person goes through the work the other person will most likely note the mistakes. This makes it paramount to have someone else go through the post and tweets before releasing them on social media. Even if you are a one-man show, you can get a close person who can help in reading whatever you plan to post.

People who work as teams should let the other members of the team read the content before being posted. Even if one of the members misses some of the mistakes the other members will notice them. The importance of this is that one avoids making costly mistakes which might distort the message being conveyed. The other people who will read the posts and tweets before they have been posted will take just a few minutes and this cannot compare with the effort it will take to correct the mistakes once the general public has seen them.

Know When To Use Humor & Use It Appropriately

Humor is very popular in social media mainly because everyone loves a good laugh. Most people are always looking for funny posts besides getting helpful information on social media.  This is the primary reason why most marketers look to incorporate humor in their marketing efforts. But it is always paramount to time when to apply humor because sometimes it can be irritating. While talking with customers who have complaints it is advisable to avoid using humor. This includes customers who are looking to return faulty products or those who are unable to use something they bought. Such customers are typically looking for straight answers which will help them solve the issues they have.

Trying to apply humor on such customers will not produce good results. This makes it paramount to use proper timing and read the mood of the customers properly. When the mood is suitable, one can add humor to the marketing message being sent. The kind of humor should also matter because there are issues that can be sensitive. One should avoid jokes that involve issues such ethnicity, religion, gender, economic status, or other issues which are very personal. Here is a good example of humor being applied appropriately to a social media post:

Example Of Humor Being Used Well On Social Media

Create Content Specific To The Network You're Posting On

As a social media manager, you need to create engaging content which will encourage engagement from your friends and followers. The first thing you need to do so as to create such content is to have a good baseline from which to start writing the content from. To achieve this you need to know the kind of audience you will be communicating with. You should learn to use tactics that will encourage your audience to respond. You should learn to use hashtags and other things that will engage your audience. You should also understand what works on Twitter, Facebook, and other social media networks. These blog posts may be helpful to you:

Through this, you will know exactly what to post so that your audience will want to respond and engage with you. You will also know how to measure the effectiveness of the content you post and this will let you know the aspects you need to improve.

Don't Be Afraid To Let Technology Help You

It is also very helpful to use technologically oriented tools to improve the quality of your content. Copy editing was one of the most popular ways of checking for errors and mistakes. But technology has significantly increased the number of tools that can be used to improve the quality of the content. Such software tools include Grammarly, which is very helpful in checking for spelling grammar errors. Such tools are readily available as browser plugins.

You will identify very helpful tools which will make your work easier. You will also eliminate the need to keep on editing your work before posting it. As a result, you'll be able to post quality work which will send clear messages to your customers without unnecessary mistakes which can cost you a lot. Therefore, by applying the outlined editing tips you can be able to post clear content on social media and enjoy the numerous benefits of using social media as a marketing tool.

Grammarly for Firefox

Rewrite Content That Can Be Easily Misunderstood

There are certain words and phrases that can be easily misunderstood even if they are written correctly. Such words and phrases will distort the original message and different people will interpret the content differently. One of such words, for example, is the word biweekly which can mean twice a week to some people and every two weeks to others. The most helpful way of avoiding the problems that might be caused by such words and phrases is to rewrite them. 

While editing prior to posting one should take time to rewrite any ambiguous words and phrases and write their true meanings instead. This will ensure that the message sent is clear and can be understood by anyone. Anyone who is giving you a hand with proofreading your content before posting will most likely notice the ambiguous words and phrases. You can ask several people what they have understood and ensure all the unclear words are rewritten. 

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