Quickly Improve Your Social Media Profiles With These 5 Tips

Every day people spend a lot of time on social media platforms. This is one of the main reasons why social media has become one of the strongest and most effective marketing tools.  But despite this, we mostly forget one of the most helpful aspects which is to update and improve our profiles. Most people still use the same profiles they created while joining the various platforms. They tend to forget that it is paramount to keep on updating and improving their profiles. It takes just a few minutes which you can spare besides doing other things. Here are 5 simple ways to quickly improve your social media profiles:

Have Consistent Handles On All Social Media Networks

When you are on various channels it is also paramount to ensure that your handles are consistent. This will help the users be able to search for your products or brand across the different networks with ease. When you are dealing with a particular brand it is advisable to use the name of your brand as the handle on all the networks (if your brand name is taken, try adding something like HQ or INC) to the end of the handle, but do this consistently). This is because users will mostly search for the name of the brand whenever they get into the various forums. For instance, on Twitter people just add @ in front of whatever they are searching for. If you have used different names rather than the names of your products, users will have a hard time trying to search for your products. This shows that using consistent handles will improve the chances of more people finding you or your products in the different networks.

Promote Your Social Presence By Linking To Your Other Profiles

Most of us usually forget to link our social media profiles with each other. Instead, we just link them to our websites in the bio section. However, in addition to having a space to link your website, most networks also provide a space for you to link your other social media profiles. This limits the number of people who can be able to view and visit all your channels. The advisable thing to do is to ensure that you fill multiple channels so that they can be linked together and maximize on this opportunity to promote your social presence. The various networks usually allow one to fill in several channels. Take ESPN, for example, who has placed links to their other social profiles in both their YouTube bio and taken advantage of the actual built-in links YouTube provides:

Link To Your Other Profiles On Social Media

Use The Same Profile Photo On All Social Media Networks

Having consistent photos is helpful especially while you are on various networks. This is because the photos are the ones that identify you or your brand (think about a commercial or jingle you hear constantly, like "Nationwide is on your side"...things like that are easily associated with brands, just like photos are). Most social media users will remember your photos if they consistently see them on different networks. You might have different photos on different networks mainly because you do not like some of your photos.  This will not create a lasting impression because users will be seeing different pictures or logos. But if you use the same profile photos and if possible, cover photos, users will always associate your brand with the logos and photos they see whenever they come across any of your social media channels.

Fill Out As Much Of Your Bio As Possible On All Of Your Profiles

If your bio has some fields and spaces that are not filled in, you will look as if you are lazy or unprofessional (not to mention wasting valuable space to provide useful information to potential and current customers that could also be indexed by search engines). This makes it paramount to take your time to ensure every field is properly filled out on each of your profiles. Most social media channels keep on updating the fields that can be filled in a bio. Consequently, you should keep on checking to make sure that there are no new fields that you had not noticed.

You should also ensure that you provide the right and helpful information while filling the bio. These include details about your business, such as your address, phone number, website, hours, other social media links, background story, mission statement, etc. when possible. By doing this you will be able to attract more people because they will know that you can provide the solutions that they need. Here is a great example of a fully completed Facebook profile:

Example Of A Fully Completed Facebook Profile

Check With A Few Customers To See If They Will Leave A Review/Recommendation For You

Majority of users will most likely trust the opinions of their family members and friends more than they will trust advertisements. This makes it important to have several positive reviews from different people on your profiles (if applicable to the network). Such reviews will show that there are actual people who trust your products and/or services. Getting endorsements on LinkedIn is also helpful, especially if you get the endorsements from well-known and trusted people. You just need to take a few minutes to send messages to people whom you know can write positive reviews, such as frequent customers or clients you have a strong relationship with or even brand advocates to see if they'll take a few minutes to leave a review or endorsement. On networks like Twitter, for example, where leaving reviews isn't possible, you could always pin positive tweets to the top of your profile. Every little bit of positive news on your brand helps!

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