5 Ways To Boost Your Social Selling Skills

The use of social media for marketing purposes has increased significantly in the recent past. This attributed to the fact that more people have realized the benefits of using social media to do marketing. In fact, businesses and brands have been using social media to interact with their customer. They also get to introduce new products and get responses from the customers.

Besides this, you can also use social media to be able to attract new customers. You will get an opportunity to convert valuable leads, which will increase your chances of being successful. But to achieve this you need to apply certain tactics and strategies. Here are 5 helpful tips and tactics that you can use to execute social selling like an expert.

Constantly Work To Grow Your Reputation

Your credibility plays an important role in turning visitors into customers. This is both in the conventional world and on social media. This is a helpful social selling tip which will help you get new customers. People always want to deal with people who are trustworthy and who have the ability to provide quality services.

You should show people that you know exactly what you are doing. You can achieve this through providing helpful and professional advice regarding the various services that you deal with. You can also share interesting facts which are not known by ordinary people. This will play an important role in showing that you are an expert, consequently creating enhanced credibility.

Use LinkedIn Groups To Your Advantage

Joining these groups is one of the most effective ways of getting new customers on social media. This is because while in these groups you can prove that you are the best in the field you deal with. You will be able to engage with different kinds of people including those that you can successfully turn into customers. When you get into these groups you also get to create long-lasting relationships with potential customers and this will be very helpful to your business or brand.

You just need is to find relevant groups which are related to the products you deal with (there are tons of LinkedIn groups available in practically every niche - for example, SEO, as shown below). After getting these groups you need to submit a request to join the groups. Once you have joined you should make sure that you make helpful contributions, such as providing content of value and commenting on any posts, versus only using the groups to post promotional materials, this way people slowly recognize you as an industry expert and source of industry news and information.

Improve Social Selling With LinkedIn Groups

Make A Good First Impression

Your profile image is that first thing that people will see once they visit your page on social media. The kind of impression you create will play an important role in convincing visitors that you can provide them with solutions to their needs. This makes it important to make sure that your image looks the best way possible. You need to include a few details regarding yourself or your business.

Make sure that you address the visitors directly by using the first person style of writing. On sites such as LinkedIn, you get more space to explain about yourself. You should use this freedom to explain how you can help potential customers. This will significantly improve chances of the visitors to your LinkedIn profile converting into actual customers.

Respond To Customer Complaints In A Timely Manner

Your customers will have complaints from time to time because of various reasons. Such customers need quick responses to their complaints. If you fail to respond to the complaints you will be showing the customers that you do not value them. If a customer makes a complaint and you fail to respond, the particular customer will not do business with you again most likely.

The customer will feel ignored and can even tell other people that you do not value your customers, which can obviously have a potential negative impact on future revenue. This makes it paramount to respond to all complaints within the shortest time possible. Check out this study Twitter did that shows a direct relationship between the speed in which you reply to customers and the impact that has on your revenue:

Fast Replies To Customers Generate Revenue

Consistently Post Content Of Value On Your Social Channels

All your contributions should be helpful and useful to the users of the various social media platforms you belong to. Besides providing value you should also be consistent so that users can find new information on a regular basis on your social profiles. This is one of the most effective social selling tips because people do not want to get the same information over and over again. Some of the ways you can stay active on social media and prove that you're a source of valuable industry-related information include:

  • Sharing your expertise
  • Offering solutions to common problems in your industry (how-to's and tutorials are always a big hit)
  • Staying focused on potential buyers
  • Using relevant hashtags on Twitter with an objective of targeting the right people
  • Following influencers in your industry to stay up to date with trending topics to share

If you fail to provide value and be consistent, people will get bored and will not follow you anymore. They will go ahead and ignore you because they know they cannot get anything helpful from you on a consistent basis and will look for other sources, such as your competition.

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