How To Find More Real Estate Clients On Social Media

A recent study showed 94% of millennials and 84% of baby boomers look for future homes using different sites. These figures leave one wondering how real estate agents can use social media to thrive in the real estate marketing business. The following ideas will help you use social media to revamp your real estate social media marketing game and find more real estate clients (buyers and sellers) on social media at the same time:

Make It Easy To Share Pages On Your Website

When looking for real estate agents, most clients will use search engine phrases such as 'real estate agents in (name of the city).’ Having the right kind of information on your website ensures that you appear at the top of a search results page. Shareable listings are also helpful in this endeavor. Responsive layouts, simple buttons, and beautiful photographs make it easy for you and your followers to share your content on social. You can also make use of tools that help provide real estate news and content to your followers and customers.

For example, on this listing, you can see how easy it is to share it on social media by clicking the corresponding icon, which makes it easier for both you and potential clients to share the listing, and easier for others to see it and you to generate leads for your business!

Easy To Share Real Estate Listings For Social Media

Showcase Services You Offer & Reviews/Testimonials From Clients

To improve communication with your clients, enable messaging where they can contact you in case they have questions or want to book an appointment (even incorporate forms on each listing if possible, so potential clients don't have to leave that home to ask a question or book an appointment to tour the home). Moreover, promote reviews where customers express their experiences with your company. Doing so is a great way to gain customers through referral leading to the growth of your real estate business.

You can display customer testimonials in addition to all the services you offer. Doing so makes it easy for you to find potential customers. They will know what to expect when they reach out to you. People love hearing reviews and testimonials from other people, versus what you have to say about yourself, so be sure to share all of the reviews you gather on Zillow, LinkedIn, your website, etc. on your social media channels. This can have a HUGE impact on your lead generation efforts!

Use Landing Pages Specifically Built For Social Media

Online lead generation plays a significant role in helping real estate marketers when it comes to increasing their sales. How you use your landing pages can mean the difference between a new lead and a missed opportunity. Make sure that they are specific to particular social circles to make sure that you get the most from your landing page. Instead of relying on one of them, have several of them for each method of lead generation.

For instance, you can create a landing page that offers various tips on real estate issues. Ensuring that your client shares his email with you before he views the page is an excellent idea. You can also opt for a different landing page on your website’s homepage. Creating a successful landing page requires a lot of dedication and expertise. Make sure you familiarize yourself with tips on making a successful landing page before creating. Before utilizing the page, ensure you have tested it thoroughly and determined its potential in generating leads.

For example, for this listing, a landing page has been specifically built enabling people to register to view the listing by using their Facebook account, or they can click to register via email instead, which increases conversions:

Real Estate Listing Facebook Registration

Only Use High-Resolution Photos Of Homes

Different surveys have shown that a large percentage of home buyers want to first see the photo of a property online before buying. For this reason, you should take photography seriously. In fact, having stunning pictures of the house is critical. If you cannot pay for a professional photographer, then get a decent camera and take photography lessons. Using high-quality photos helps capture the attention of potential buyers. 

For example, for this listing, you can tell the photo is of extremely high quality and you can immediately envision yourself relaxing in that backyard enjoying life. That is your goal when you are sharing photos of your listings on social media - to gain clients, you need them to envision themselves living in your listings and having high-resolution photos is an effective way of doing so.

Using High-Resolution Photos Of Homes On Social Media

Incorporate Video Into Your Marketing Strategy

Try making use of videos to highlight the features in a property you are selling as well as the neighborhood. Potential clients imagine that they own the property and live in the house if you use a video. In using videos, you can use professional actors to pose as buyers instead of capturing a walk-through of a vacant house. You can learn how to become a video expert if your budget is tight and you cannot hire an actor.

Looking for online tutorials is a win for you. Doing so improves your credibility, and it allows you to determine if the photographers you hire are worth the money. Moreover, you can create tutorial videos to train your clients on different aspects of the real estate industry. Other ideas for incorporating video into your real estate social marketing strategy include going live on Facebook and doing 360 videos to showcase all aspects of a particular room or space in a home.

Using social media has numerous benefits for your real estate marketing business. The most important thing is to know how to make use of it. By taking advantage of the above tips, you will gain a lot because you will generate a higher number of leads than you previously did. Moreover, you will expand your social network. You can use multiple social media platforms while keeping track of the one that works best for you. The best way to ensure that you are relying on the best is to use tracking analytics. You can use these analytical tools before and after you apply a particular social media marketing method.

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