SMM Podcasts 2018

According to research, 24% of Americans over the age of twelve say that’ve listened to a podcast within the last month. Although this rise in popularity, there's still a lot of traditional marketers who laugh when they hear the word “podcast” and brush it off as a niche media format with a value proposition and even smaller audience.

On the flip-side, any successful digital marketer in 2018 will tell you that, from strategies to ideas, there’s tons you can learn from podcasts as a social media marketer. Below, you’ll find our the top five podcasts for strengthening your social media marketing game.

1. Social Pros Podcast with Jay Baer and Adam Brown

Jay Baer, from Convince & Convert & Adam Brown, of Salesforce,  host the Social Pros Podcast. They are awesome storytellers, so you can expect to be entertained, as well as informed of course. Social Pros feature social media professionals doing real work for real companies.

You’ll hear insights from some of the leading strategists in the field as well as hear Jay & Adam discuss each new trend and idea while proving or disproving them “Mythbusters" style. If you love hearing the latest social media stats and case studies, this is for you. The impact of hearing first-hand how strategies were created and executed in real life by real people will motivate you in your social media marketing game.

Frequency: Once per week

Length: 30–40 minutes

Tune In: Social Pros Podcast

2. The Social Toolkit with Jason Keath and Jason Yarborough

The Social Toolkit podcast is hosted by Jason Keath, founder Social Fresh, and Jason Yarborough, event director of Social Fresh. You’ll hear interviews with some of the best pros in the social marketing field as they talk about the tools, sites and software that they’re using.

The Social Toolkit Podcast

Getting insights into what worked and what didn’t work for some of the largest marketers as well learning which tools they like to use can have a meaningful impact in your strategy and workflow. Aside from hosting this podcast, they continuously host Social Fresh Conference, where they interview live panels and curate the top voices in digital marketing.

Frequency: Once per month

Length: 45–60 minutes

Tune In: The Social Toolkit

3. Social Media Marketing with Michael Stelzner

Social Media Examiner has been one of the fastest growing social media marketing blogs of the decade. They not only get millions of hits on their website every month, they also host two large conferences.

Social Media Marketing Podcast with Michael Stelzner

Michael Stelzner, CEO and founder of Social Media Examiner, discusses different social media topics every week and gives advice based on his [successful] experience on the topic. You’ll hear from many social media marketers, as well as “stars” on social media giving us insights into their growth. If you want to learn what’s working right now, this is one of the top podcasts to be listening to.

Frequency: Once per week

Length: about 45 minutes

Tune In: Social Media Marketing

4. The Marketing Companion with Mark Schaefer and Tom Webster

Mark Schaefer and Tom Webster who have more than 50 years of marketing experience in business consulting, writing, and research between them host the Marketing Companion, a very lighthearted and fun podcast to listen to.

The Marketing Companion Podcast

In this podcast, you’ll hear a lot on what the future of digital marketing and sales might look like, not just long term but in the upcoming months. They’re both very bold, having opinions that are not always aligned with mainstream thoughts, however the insights they provide as well as the funny atmosphere of this podcast will make it all that much more enjoyable to hear.

Frequency: Bi-weekly

Length: 30–40 minutes

Tune In: The Marketing Companion

5. Social Business Engine with Bernie Borges

If influencer marketing and advocates are topics that peak your interest, than you really should give this podcast a try. Bernie, the CEO of Find and Convert, is a speaker, author, and trainer. As a Dell Social Business Influencer, he has a lot of experience in the social media marketplace and with influencer marketing.

The Social Business Engine Podcast with Bernie Borges

This seems to be uncharted territory for many social media marketers. Every week, he interviews several influencers as well as brands taking this approach. If you’re looking for insights on another approach to marketing, this may be the podcast for you.

Frequency: Once per week

Length: 30–40 minutes

Tune In: Social Business Engine