Facebook Advertising Tips

Facebook is the most popular platform for advertising on social media with 94% of marketers regularly using it to advertise. If you own a business page, it makes more sense right now than ever to be actively advertising on this channel.

There are tons of features that marketers and advertisers utilize to create effective ads that drive engagement and conversion, and they can seem overwhelming for the inexperienced. We’ve simplified it for you with this list of 11 powerful Facebook advertising tools that will help grow your business in 2018.

1. Facebook Pixel

Facebook Pixel
Source: Facebook

The Facebook pixel is a code that you embed on your website and use it to track what Facebook users do on your site such as visiting a specific page, adding an item to a cart, or making a purchase.

The pixel can help measure conversions and provide insights about Facebook users visiting your website. Use this information along with other powerful tools from Facebook to create effective ads that resonate with your website’s visitors.

2. Custom Audiences

Custom Audience Options

Custom audience is Facebook’s way to remarket to your potential customers. This option lets you advertise to people who visited specific pages in your website or have used your app, or through a list of contacts you manually upload on Facebook.

You can use custom audiences in tandem with the Facebook pixel tracking code. For example, you can advertise to a custom audience that include people who visited a specific product page but did not make a purchase. Since they have already interacted with your brand, they are more likely convert and engage with your ads. Use pixel to track what your visitors do, and use custom audiences to remarket to them.

3. Carousel Ads

Facebook Carousel Ads
Source: Facebook

Carousel ads allow you to show up to 10 images or videos in a single ad. Each carousel card can have its own headlines, links, and call to action, which helps you get more out of your ad spend. With Social Report, you can post images as carousel on Facebook and promote it on your page.

Using Carousel Ads, you can showcase different products, highlight different features about one product, or tell a story about your business. When done right, carousel ads have proven to be effective. According to Facebook, campaigns with this type of ad had higher click through rates, lower cost-per-conversion, and lower cost-per-click than a traditional one-image ad.

4. Video Ads

Facebook Video Ads
Source: Facebook

People engage in video ads, and they deliver stronger brand recall than using photos and text. According to Wordstream, 45% of Facebook and Youtube users watch an hour of video per week, so it makes sense to include it in your social media marketing strategy.

Luckily, video ads on Facebook are affordable and easy to create. Once you produce your video, simply upload it on Facebook, add the description, and configure the budget and audience, and you’re good to go.

5. Lead Ads

Facebook Lead Ads
Source: Facebook

A Lead Ad is a fast, effective, and inexpensive way to get valuable contact information from your customers. According to Venturebeat, 56% of Facebook users log-in exclusively to mobile devices, and lead ads let you collect customer information right on the app. This eases the burden on them and eliminates the need for a separate landing page to generate leads.

Use this type of ad to collect customer information for remarketing, encourage people to sign up for e-mail newsletters, offer exclusive deals, and more.

6. Engagement Ads

Facebook Ad Engagement
Source: Klient Boost

Facebook will only show engagement ads to users who are most likely to comment, react, like, or share your post. The purpose of this ad is to improve the face value of your Facebook Pages. A page with a lot of interaction signals to potential customers that you brand has a good relationship with current customers. Similarly, posts with a ton of interaction are more likely to show up people’s Newsfeeds increasing the chances of people seeing your content.

7. Website Conversion Campaigns

Conversion Campaign Ads 
Source: Wishpond

The purpose of a website conversion campaign is to encourage people to perform a specific action on your website. Facebook allows you to define that action like visiting a page, buying a product, or booking services on your website.

A conversion campaign isn't just about making direct sales; it can also help you determine which type of content converts, and use that information to make more effective conversion ads in the future.

8. Facebook Ads Reporting Tool


An underutilized tool in the Facebook ad repertoire is its reporting tool. Ads reporting allows you to track the performance of your campaigns and learn about your audience, reach, and conversions. This will help you create more effective ads for future campaigns

If you handle multiple pages and run campaigns on them simultaneously, you can utilize a social media management platform like Social Report to easily access and compare data all in one place.

9. Targeting by Interest

Facebook Interests

Interest Targeting is one of the most powerful tools in Facebook advertising and allows you to hyper-target your audience based on interests they conveniently add on Facebook.

Laser focus your ads on audience that fit your market by advertising to people based on their activities, page likes, interests, and similar topics. From industry, entertainment preference, fitness and wellness, technology, or fashion sense – there are dozens of options to focus your ads on the people who are most interested in doing business with you.

10. Targeting by Demographic

Facebook Demographics

Similar to targeting by interest, Facebook lets you create an audience for your ads based on their location, age, relationship status education level, financial capacity, and more.

A powerful option is targeting by life event where you can show ads to an audience based on certain life events like an upcoming birthday, a wedding anniversary, or an engagement. If your business offers wedding services (wedding venues or honeymoon packages), you can make the most out of your ad spend by targeting newly engaged couples.            

11. Targeting by Behavior

Targeting by Behavior

Like interest and demographic targeting, you can select the audience for your Facebook ads based on their behavior or intent. Using data from third-party partners both offline and online, the social media channel allows you to pick your audience based on recent purchases, device usage, travel history, media consumption, etc.

If your business relies heavily on consumer behavior, you can utilize this targeting method to make your Facebook ads more effective. For example, if your have an app that's exclusive to a mobile operating system, you can choose to advertise only to owners of Android or IOS devices.


Facebook has a billion active users daily and it makes sense to advertise on the social media platform. Use these 11 powerful Facebook ad features to create effective ads that focus on your target market and produces the right results.

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