Social Report offers a variety of publishing options. One of them is the ability to take an RSS Feed or social media profile and connect it to your project so that whenever there is a new article on the feed or post on the profile - it will automatically be published to specified social media profiles.

Content syndication

Here are some examples scenarios

  • You may have a blog that already produced content on a scheduled basis and you simply want those posts to be automatically distributed to your social profiles.
  • You might want to post content related to a particular topic and there is a news site or a blog that you want to get that content from.
  • You have your own post creating, review and approval process and prefer to use that instead of having users manually repost articles.
  • You want to repost content from other social profiles onto your own social profiles.

Key features

  • Supports all valid RSS feed formats.
  • Social syndicating can be done from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, and Pinterest.
  • Publishing to all social networks that Social Report currently supports publishing for
  • Control schedule and number of posts on a daily basis. Pick time slots and decide when content should be published.
  • Subject content produced from RSS feed to review prior to publishing
  • Customize produced content by specifying 'pre' and 'post' text
  • Pick post targeting like country, language, and geocoding.
  • Track clicks and conversions just like you would for any publications within Social Report

If you're more of a visual learner, here's a video to show you how to get this set up: