Social ROI is a dollar value, the earnings, that were produced from social marketing initiatives. Social Report offers you a very simple way of tracking it - track conversions and multiply number of conversions by the value of a conversion.

Let's say you are a business that sells products online. Social Report offers you a way of tracking how many social interactions actual lead to sales on your website. Once you read through the example setup - I am sure you will see that this setup can easily work for any business that transacts online.

Getting this setup is quite simple:

1) Publish using Social Report. Learn more about publishing tools

2) Install a provided conversion script. This script is located within your account (under any content group). This script can go on a 'Thank you' page - the page that users sees after they purchase something from you.

3) We will do the rest - we will now deliver you the reporting on how many clicks your posts received (initial interactions) - users clicking on links inside of your social media posts and we will also tell you how many of these users ended up becoming your customers.  

We've put together this short video that shows how this works: