If you have been enjoying our publication tool, you will love it even more now. We have added the ability to design your publication schedule using Excel and then simply upload it to our system. We'll take care of the rest.

Here is how it works:

Design a spreadsheet. It needs to have the following columns:

  1. Year - 4 digit year
  2. Month - 1 or 2 digit month (1 - January, 11 - November)
  3. Day - number between 1 and 31
  4. Hour - number between 1 and 12
  5. Minute - number between 0 and 59
  6. AM/PM - enter AM or PM
  7. Message - actual publication message, feel free to include links - they will get shortened
  8. Twitter Message - if you want to customize your Twitter publication, you can design a separate message
  9. Image Attachment - if you want to include an image - enter that image's full URL.

Download sample document

Sample template

1. From the Publication select Bulk Scheduler.

Select bulk scheduler

2. Choose an existing content group to assign the publications to, or create a new one.

Select a content group

3. Click Upload CSV File.

Upload CSV file

4. Select social profiles where you want to publish the messages to and Save.

5. All Done - your publications are now scheduled!

You can also bulk schedule content very quickly against your posting schedule from an RSS feed or a social media profile. Here is a short video showing how to do that: