Competitive analysis is an important part of having an effective social media presence. Knowing what your competitors are up to and being able to adjust your strategies accordingly is key.

Connecting Competitor Profiles

To connect a page that you are not an admin of, click Connect Profiles > choose the Network > login to your Social Network account > Scroll down at the bottom and find the option that says Looking to connect profiles that you are not an admin of?

Facebook example:

Connecting Competitor Profiles Facebook

Twitter example:

Connecting Competitor Profiles Twitter

Viewing Competitor Reports

To view competitor data, go to either Cross-Channel or Channel Reporting > Select Network. Note that since we can only access the competitor profiles' public data, reporting is not as thorough as what you can find in regular profiles where you have admin access.

Sample reports you can generate:

Viewing Competitor Reports

Viewing Competitor Reports

How to Know Which Ones are Competitor Profiles

To easily determine which competitor profiles are connected in your project, go to Settings > Profiles > find all profiles with Public data only message beside it.

Competitor Profiles 

Availability in Social Networks

Social Report offers you the ability to get detailed analysis on your competition across the following networks: Facebook (pages, groups, personal profiles), LinkedIn (groups and company pages), Twitter, Google+ (pages), InstagramPinterest, and business reviews.

Best Practice Tip: To prevent the data from getting mixed with your own business or client reports, it is best to keep competitor profiles in a separate project.

Learn more about competitor profiles by checking out this short how-to video: