There are several ways to compare activity between different accounts.

Comparing Multiple Accounts in a Network 

If you have multiple accounts in a social network, you can use channel reporting to compare activity and toggle between the accounts. Go to Reports >Channels > Select the profile you want to view. Under Activity Timeline, click the profile at the bottom of the graph to unselect the account you want to remove:

Overall Facebook Activity Timeline

You may also click the dropdown on the right side (Showing # of # Profiles) and uncheck the account from there:

Facebook key stats

Cross-Channel Summary

If you go to Reports > Cross Channel > Key Metrics, you'll find channel activity across all social profiles. The graphs are completely interactive and you can simply unselect the profile to remove it from the graph:

Cross Channel Activity 

Cross-Channel Profiles

Under Reports > Cross-Channel > Profiles, you'll find a summary of different activities across all social profiles connected to the project:

Cross-Channel Profiles