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Food pictures and Instagram are truly a match made in heaven; after all, who doesn't want to see donuts and lattes in their feed every morning? In fact, roughly 69% of millennials have shared a food picture on social media before eating.

With this in mind, restaurants, cafes, and coffee shops have a huge advantage on Instagram. These businesses can use their meals as canvases for Instagram content that both brings in new customers and reminds the regulars of their favorite pick-me-ups. 

In this article, we'll show you four restaurants with great Instagram accounts. Use these examples as inspiration when creating a social presence for your restaurant or coffee shop. 

Fun fact: Pizza is the most Instagrammed food

Sweatshop Coffee Brooklyn: Keepin' It Local



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Sweatshop is a Brooklyn-based coffeeshop and cafe. Each of its photographs has a feel that's undeniably "New York"; for example, its photos showcase the New York Subway, its small cafe space, and the beautiful (or not so beautiful) New York weather. 

Maintaining a local feel can do a lot for a restaurant's Instagram. It gives the eatery a chance to showcase its staff and the local area, in turn giving the restaurant personality that its local clientele can relate to.

Roti Modern Mediterranean: A Chain with a Great Visual Aesthetic

Roti is a Mediterranean food chain in the United States. The company has a drop-dead gorgeous Instagram page, with each photo fitting a similar visual aesthetic. This gives all of its photos a distinct look that's undeniably Roti. On top of this, the company does a great job of incorporating video into its posts too, using videos to showcase new meals, promote sales, and share an occasional employee interview. 

Big Star Chicago: Diverse Content

Big Star is a cocktail bar and taqueria in Chicago. Its Instagram is full of glamorous food and drink photos, pictures of its staff and customers, and promotional banners for drink and food specials. This dynamic selection of content keeps Big Star's Instagram account engaging and makes the eatery shine on social media. Currently, the eatery has over 25,000 Instagram followers and many of its posts have well over 200 likes. 

Howlin Rays: Awesome Illustrations


ON 2 THE NEXT PHASE. ✨ #seeyasoon #stayhowlin

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LA-based Howlin Rays frequently posts glamor shots of its food. However, the restaurant really stands out when posting restaurant announcements in its signature, graffiti-style handwriting. These announcements catch the eye of followers scrolling through their newsfeed and ensures that word of new partnerships and food items don't go unnoticed.

Hungry yet? 

Those are our top four favorite restaurants Instagram accounts. Know an eatery with a great social presence? Let us know on Twitter

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