Awesome Chatbots 2018

Chatbots are arguably the biggest social media trend of 2018, and they show no signs of stopping in the new year. Last year we saw companies big and small start to embrace Facebook Messenger chatbots in their social media strategy—and for a good reason: they're proven to drive engagement and are surprisingly easy to develop and maintain.

In this article, we'll show you four companies that have developed excellent chatbots of their own. Use these chatbots as inspiration when developing a chatbot for your brand, keeping in mind their functionality and language.

Tommy Hilfiger: Your Personal Shopping Assistant

Tommy Hilfiger Chatbot

Tommy Hilfiger's chatbot makes clothes shopping a breeze. Just tell the bot what you're shopping for—say, a new pair of jeans—and it'll send you the most relevant findings from its catalog. Need fashion inspiration? The bot can take you through Tommy Hilfiger's newest clothing lines too.

Domino's: Order a Pizza in 30 Seconds

Dominos Chatbot

Domino's chatbot makes it almost too easy to order a pizza. Just text the chatbot your address and it'll automatically pair you with a local Domino's location. Then, you can build your order over message, check out, and wait for your pizza to arrive.

We like this bot because registering for a Domino's account is optional. If you're paying with cash, can make an entire order through the bot with zero interaction on Domino's website. Impulse pizza parties have never been easier. 

Kayak: Seamlessly Book a Flight

Kayak Chatbot

Kayak's chatbot is your free personal travel agent. To book a flight or hotel, just give the bot your dates and destination, and it'll send you itinerary options in seconds. In fact, our sample booking from Chicago to New York took less than a minute from start to finish. The bot also gives great travel advice and inspiration if you're unsure of where you want to go. 

CNN: Find News Headlines in a Pinch

CNN Chatbot

CNN has made it easier than ever to read your news headlines. Pop open its Messenger chatbot and send "Breaking News", "Daily Update", or a news topic of your choice. Then, you'll instantly receive a listing of the publication's most relevant headlines. Better yet, there's no setup involved, so you're ready to read in seconds. 

Embrace Chatbots Early

And those are four of our favorite Facebook Messenger chatbots. This trend will continue to grow in 2018, so make sure your brand embrace's chatbots early.