Instagram recently opened its API up to developers in its Marketing Partner Program. This came after years of requests from Instagram marketers who tired of having to manually post each of their brand's Instagram post. A number of scheduling apps have already entered the market, and we'll show you the 12 best Instagram scheduling tools for 2018 in this article.

Do note that not all of the apps featured in this article are a part of the Marketing Partner Program. Some still require you to post scheduled photos from your phone or use another workaround.

1. Social Report

Social Report is the best Instagram tool

So, we did it: we finally saved the world. SocialReport joined the Instagram Marketing Partner program in 2018 and, as of last week, started offering automated Instagram posting. We also offer an array of Instagram analytics features, so you can find hot topics and get ahead of your competition. 

SocialReport offers a variety of other features too. You can schedule content to all of the major social networks, monitor trends, find free images, and more. It's truly a one-stop-shop for all things social media.

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2. Tailwind


Tailwind is a social media management app that specializes in Instagram and Pinterest. Its intelligent scheduling feature monitors your Instagram feed for engagement, and suggests times for you to schedule your next post for optimal engagement. Further, the app is allowed to use Instagram's full API, so you can post directly from Tailwind without any sort of workaround.

3. HootSuite


HootSuite is another app in the Instagram Partner Marketing program. You can use the service to create and collaborate on Instagram posts with your team, and then share them to Instagram and other social networks with a click. We like HootSuite's assignment feature too: each post can be assigned an "owner" who moderates the image for comments and other interaction.

4. ScheduGram


ScheduGram gets around Instagram's API limitations by posting content for you. Literally. Schedule your posts on its web app and someone in the ScheduGram office manually posts it for you using a real smartphone—pretty wild!

5. Buffer for Instagram


Buffer's Pablo image editor makes it easy to create beautiful images for Instagram. Pick a royalty free photo from its royalty-free database, apply a filter, and add some text. Then, schedule your post on its web app and post it using Buffer's companion mobile app. 

6. Later


Later let's businesses schedule content to Instagram visually. Its scheduling tool has an intuitive calendar layout: just drag and drop your content onto the time you'd like it to be posted. Then, you can set it and forget it as Later is an official Instagram partner. 

7. OnlyPult


OnlyPult let's you schedule posts to your Instagram Story—an important feature considering the feature's growth in 2017. Create your story on its website and give it a date and time to be posted. Currently, only photo Stories can be posted via OnlyPul, but we hope to see them add video posting soon. 

8. Bettr


Bettr's mobile app provides an great way to schedule Instagram posts on the go. It has a number of cool features like the ability to save groups of hashtags and automatically post a first comment on uploaded photos. On the web, Bettr has an intuitive calendar for post scheduling. 

9. Sprout Social


Sprout Social is an enterprise solution for Instagram posting and monitoring. You can use it to post and schedule content quickly across social networks, so your Instagram photos will be put in front of more eyes. Further, its Instagram comment monitoring features let you follow up with support requests or customer compliments with ease. 

10. Hopper


Hopper is an Instagram-only scheduling service. The app has a number of its own filters and other editing features that make it easy to stick to your brand's Instagram brand aesthetic. We also like its phone preview capability that gives you a look at how your new post will appear on the real Instagram app.

11. Combin


Combin's desktop app is a centralized hub for all things Instagram. You can edit and post images from the app, making it easy to pull in photos you've edited on your computer. We also like it's desktop DM and comment portal that makes responding to customer inquires a breeze.

12. ViralTag


ViralTag makes it easy to create and schedule Instagram content. The application integrates with Canva, one of our favorite image editing apps. You can use Canva to edit photos and make engaging banner images. After you've made something beautiful, use ViralTag's content calendar to schedule it.

Keep Growing Your Reach

And those are the 12 best Instagram scheduling tools for 2018. Use these applications to make your Instagram marketing campaign easier to manage and more collaborative. If you liked this post, come back daily for more social media news, tips, and tricks. 

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