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Breville is known for its line of high-end home espresso machines and other kitchen appliances. The company has recently turned to Instagram to further its marketing reach, showing off its products with beauty shots and cross-brand collaborations.

In this article, we’ll break down why we like Breville’s Instagram content and how the brand uses it to successfully market its line of products. Additionally, we’ll show you how you can incorporate Breville’s social media strong suits into your brand’s Instagram strategy.

Brand Collaborations 

Breville’s Instagram stories and posts are chock full of collaborations with other well-known food brands. We've seen the brand post collaborations with The Short Cookbook and The Ellen Show, showcasing their products side by side. Collaborations allow Breville to cross-pollinate brand recognition with these other brands, furthering its social reach.

Consider partnering with local (or not so local) businesses when promoting your products on Instagram. Chances are potential customers will be more interested in your products if they see it pictured with a product from another brand they already know and love. Bonus points if the brand you collaborate with posts photos of your products on its Instagram feed too.

Beauty and Action Shots

Breville is known for sleek and modern product design, and its Instagram stories are no different. Each photo places its products in a modern kitchen with accompanying food, ingredients, and drinks. This shows prospective customers what Breville’s products are capable of and makes customers wonder “what can I cook at home with this?”

Rather than post stationary photos of your products, post photos of them in interesting places and pictures of them in use. This proves to your customers that your products are functional and gives them inspiration for what they can make with your product.

Brand Aesthetic

All of Breville’s photos have a distinct brand aesthetic. Each photo uses a similar filter and setting, making each of its photos recognizable and undeniably “Breville”. Try and establish a brand aesthetic for your brand too. This keeps posts consistent, makes your brand more recognizable on Instagram, and will save your social media team time when editing pictures.

Embrace Stories

It's no secret that Instagram Stories are on the rise, and Breville is taking full advantage of them. The brand posts daily, showing off new recipes and giving other cooking inspiration. This keeps the brand fresh in the minds of its followers and boosts engagement by providing useful and shareable information. 

Make sure that your brand embraces Instagram Stories in 2018. They grew exponentially after launching in 2017 and give your brand a new way to keep customers engaged with product updates and marketing content.

Now, Grow Your Brand!

Breville is an iconic name in the kitchen appliance industry, and its social media presence doesn’t fall short. Follow its lead by mixing content types, collaborating with others, and establishing a solid brand aesthetic to make your content engaging and, in turn, lead generating.  

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