St. Patrick's Social Media Tips

St. Patrick's day is right around the corner, and many brands are using the holiday as an opportunity to run holiday social media campaigns. People are going out and spending time with family and friends this weekend, so these brands are promoting food, drink, and entertainment products to aid in the holiday festivities.

Want to get in on the holiday action? You're in the right place. In this article, we'll give you four St. Patrick's Day social media marketing strategies for 2018. Use these tips to expand your social reach this holiday.

1. Host a St. Patrick's Promo

Fear of missing out—or, FOMO—is an affective holiday marketing technique. Offer a promotion on your brand's social media page that only happens on St. Patrick's Day. For example, Krispy Kreme has been Tweeting about their limited edition green donuts that are only available on St. Patrick's Day. This creates an incentive for your customers to buy your products because they won't have any other opportunities to do so. 

Your promo doesn't have to be a limited edition product. Some brands offer sales, in-store events, and more. For bonus points, come up with a hashtag to further the reach of your promotion. 

2. Hold a Sweepstakes 

Building off of promos, consider hosting a sweepstakes/giveaway this St. Patrick's Day. Have your followers Tweet or Share a specific hashtag and follow your brand to enter. This creates buzz around your social media account, extends your reach, and gives back to your audience. 

And don't worry: the prize doesn't have to be huge. Everything from $15 Amazon Cards to all-inclusive trips to the Bahamas can be given away in return for engagement, so don't break the bank. 

3. Embrace Hashtags

Like any holiday, St. Patricks has a set of commonly used hashtags. Make sure to incorporate these hashtags into your brand's Tweets as they put your content in front of new eyes. 

Some common hashtags include:

  • #StPaddysDay
  • #StPatricksDay
  • #LuckoftheIrish
  • #Leprechauning
  • #PotsofGold

Hosting a St. Patrick's Day event? Make your own hashtag. This lets attendees easily share photos and comments about your event, and makes it easy for you to monitor and search for them. Further, if your conference is annual, making an event hashtag lets you market to next year's attendees.

4. Give Back

Consider giving back to the community or dontating to a charity that's close to your organization this St. Patrick's day. One way of doing this is by donating a sum of money every time one od your followers Tweets a specific hashtag. See Guinness' example above for more inspiration.

Enjoy the celebration!

And there you have it: four St. Patrick's Day social media marketing tips. Use these tips to build your brand's reach this St. Patrick's holiday, and be sure to have a safe holiday!

What is your brand doing for St. Patrick's Day? Let us know on Twitter and we'll retweet!