Despite recent backlash to its app redesign, Snapchat continues to grow and be a viable social media marketing tool. However, since Snapchat is mobile-only and all content disappears after 24 hours, it can be challenging for those coming from a more traditional social network to market with.

If your brand wants to further its reach by adding Snapchat to its social media arsenal, you're in the right place. We'll give you four Snapchat marketing tips that you can use to further your brand's social reach in this article.

Post Consistency is Key


As Snapchat superstar DJ Khaled would say: consistency is "key" ūüĒĎ. Snapchat Stories are only live for 24 hours, so update your Story on a consistent schedule to ensure that your content never runs dry. Preferably, post at the same time each day. This keeps your audience engaged by putting your brand fresh in the mind of your viewers.¬†

Tell a Story 


Most importantly, your Snapchat Stories need to tell a story. Randomly posting photos will make your Snapchat Story disengaging and bland, while telling a story keeps your audience coming back for more. Consider taking a cue from Airbnb's book: the brand uses Snapchat Stories to show customers around a new city.

Embrace Influencer Marketing


Snapchat Influencer

Partner with a well-known Snapchat influencer in your market and start an influencer marketing campaign. This puts a well-known face to your brand, and let's you piggyback off the trust your brand has in an influencer they already know. Just make sure to check our list of things to be cautious of before starting an influencer marketing campaign.

Purchase a On-Demand Snap Filter


Snap Filters

Snapchat offers two custom filter plans: On-Demand and Sponsored filters. The On-Demand Filters is far less expensive than the Sponsored option that let's you make your own filter and place it in a specified geo-location and a set amount of time. Pricing depends on location and time variables. In our tests, we found that an ad covering 87,106 Sq Ft in Chicago for 24 hours was just under $27. 

On-Demand filters are perfect for promoting a sale at your brand's brick-and-mortar store or running a campaign in a densely populated area. However, pricing goes up exponentially as you add more locations, so make sure to target your filter properly. 

Further, Sponsored Filters and Lenses are On-Demand's more broad (and expensive) cousin. Custom Sponsored Lenses reportedly cost $450,000 per day on Sundays, $500,000 on Fridays, and $750,000 during holidays and special events. This may sound crazy expensive (and it is), but it puts your brand in-front of the entire United States Snapchat market. 

Keep on Snapping!

And there you have it: four tips to jumpstart your brand's Snapchat adventures. Use these tips to grow your Snapchat audience and market your brand's products on the social network. For more social media insights, add us on Snapchat.