Plan for Mothers Day Using Facebook's Infographic

Last year, Facebook released an infographic that shows how users used its platform on Mother's Day 2017. At the time, Mother's Day 2017 was the most posted about topic on Facebook in the 12 months prior. The infographic gives valuable insight into what people were posting about, where they're from, and even shows us the most popular Messenger stickers. 

Interesting takeaways include:

  • More than 65 million Mother's Day-related Facebook posts were posted on Mother's Day 2017
  • The United States, Brazil, and Philippines lead Mother's Day 2017 post quantity
  • 2.3x more video was posted on Mother's Day 2017 vs 2016
  • Top words used on Mother's Day posts include mother, love, friendship, child

Use these insights to start planning your brand's Mother's Day 2018 social media campaign. The holiday is right around the corner and—if it's as popular as last year—will be driving huge social media engagement. 

See the full infographic below:

Facebook Mothers Day Infographic