Facebook Changes 2018

To keep users’ information safe and secure, Facebook is making changes to the way all marketing partners, such as Social Report, access data. While change may sound scary to users, we've reviewed Facebook's proposed changes and are now in full support. We believe these changes are truly to the benefit of not only Facebook users but also Social Report users. Here's why:

So, there's this company by the name of Cambridge Analytica...

You may have followed Cambridge Analytica situation. In short—a company used the Facebook platform to download personal data for millions of Facebook users. This act in itself was not in violation of Facebook terms at the time (this was before 2014) but what happened next was. The company that downloaded information then turned around and sold it to an analytics company that later used it to to their own benefit. Undoubtedly, this was both illegal and unethical. 

If you recall, Facebook and Instagram had tightened up its system back in 2014 by disallowing personal information from being downloaded...but for the past two weeks, they have been taking a closer look at their system in an effort to ensure that integrators can't abuse the privilege of working with their platforms.

Luckily, not all Facebook and Instagram changes will impact Social Report Users

Facebook and Instagram began to roll out changes (big and small) earlier this week, however, not all changes they are making will impact Social Report customers. It is our estimation that the impact on Social Report customers and the ability to manage their social media effectively won't be significant. There are few reasons for this:

  • Social Report has not been built around features that rely on personally identifiable customer data. Our key features in the space of analytics, scheduling and workflow are going to be minimally impacted, if at all.
  • As a strategic Facebook partner, Social Report falls in category of thoroughly reviewed and trusted partners, and has already been pre-approved for functionality that other integrators will soon lose. You can call that a total win for our users.

Here are the few things that we do know are impacting Social Report features:

  • Facebook Groups - currently our users are not able to connect facebook groups they manage. We have been informed by Facebook team that we have been pre-approved for this feature and should soon be getting it back.
  • Page mentions - page mentions are still working but you would need to actually type in full mention. Ability to quickly find companies you want to mention by starting typing (mention autocomplete) is not working.

Social Report continues to innovate with Facebook and Instagram

While these changes are certainly creating a lot work for us and some headaches for our customers, it does not impact our commitment to continued innovation of what you can do with Facebook and Instagram through Social Report platform. Here are some things that have recently done and things we are working

  • Direct Instagram scheduling - since early March 2018 you can now use Social Report to schedule directly to Instagram
  • Multiple images uploads with possibility of choosing between carousel and non carousel presentation.
  • Tagging images with better captions.
  • Email notifications for Facebook events and ability to reply to them right from you inbox.
  • Zendesk integration - turn any Facebook event into a support ticket.


Stay tuned for more updates

We will continue to work with Facebook and Instagram to ensure a great outcome for our customers and will provide updates as they are received. Thank you for trusting in Social Report and please keep an eye on our blog, newsletter (sign-up below) and social media profiles for more updates.