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It's no secret that Tesla Motors has a ton of hype behind its products. Year after year, the company releases new and innovative products like luxury electronic sports cars to electronic semi-trucks. Even crazier, the company just sent one of its cars into space—yeah, really.

Not only does Tesla make great products, it does an exceptional job of promoting them too. In fact, the brand has a huge following on Instagram with more than 4.2 million followers

So, how does Tesla do it? We can't tell you how it makes great cars, but we can tell you what we like about its Instagram feed and how you can incorporate its strong-suits into your brand. In this article, we'll show you four things we love about Tesla Motors' Instagram. 

1. Hype shots



S, 3, X on a bridge

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Luckily for Tesla, sports cars are an easy thing to hype up. The brand takes full advantage of this by constantly posting car beauty shots, promotional videos, and other Tesla-centric media to its Instagram account. We like these shots because they're easy to share, because well, who doesn't love pictures of cool cars?

Post beauty photos of your products to create hype and show off what your product does best. After all, you never know what photo will finally push a follower to buy your product. 

2. Product previews before they hit the press



Early Semi sketches

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Tesla doesn't keep quiet about future products. The brand posts future product sketches and other works-in-progress to its Instagram account. This keeps its followers engaged and makes them feel like they're a part of the product design process.

If possible, post sneak peak images of your products on Instagram too. This makes your Instagram a go-to hub for product updates and keeps your customers coming back for more exclusive sneak-peeks. 

3. Just-for-fun posts



Dogs of Tesla

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Tesla frequently posts just-for-fun photos to its Instagram page. These random posts include employee dogs, babies wearing Tesla gear, and reposts of Tesla owners charging their vehicles. Photos like this add a human element to Tesla's posts and give followers a break from standard car photos and corporate branding. 

Have some fun on your brand's Instagram page! This gives your brand a chance to put on a friendly face—and may even make your customers laugh. Consider posting these photos every Friday to ease into the weekend. 

4. Company event coverage



More aerodynamic than a Bugatti Chiron

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Tesla has press-only launch events for its new cars and trucks. And while you may not be able to access the event yourself, you can see them first-hand on Tesla's Instagram page. The company posts photos and videos from its events on Instagram so that everyone can see the highlights and share the buzz.  

Post photos of company parties, trade show booths, and product launches to create a buzz around your brand. Doing this makes your audience feel included and shows that your brand is active in the real world, not just a faceless internet brand.

Bottom Line: Tesla is Killing It

Tesla Motors is killing the Instagram game. The brand constantly switches up post types, in turn giving it a constant flow of engagement from its millions of followers. Take what Tesla's Instagram account does best and apply it to your Instagram account to improve your content and increase engagement. 

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