Instagram Spotlight Sprezzbox

Instagram marketing is crucial for any subscription box. It lets subscription box companies show off what's in their boxes and gives their customers a look at just how much value they can expect. 

One of our favorite subscription boxes—SprezzaBox—does Instagram marketing particularly well by posting high-quality and diverse content. It's paid off too: the box has over 250,000 Instagram followers, partnerships with huge brands like Delta Airlines, and great engagement numbers. 

In this article, we'll show you three things we like about SprezzaBox's Instagram account. Use these highlights to improve your brand's social media strategy, increase engagement, and improve your brand image.

Showcasing brand partnerships


SprezzaBox posts photos of nearly all of the products in its boxes and tags the shown product's brand in the caption. We like this because SprezzaBox gets to showcase the products in its boxes and feed off of some of the partner brand's reputation, giving SprezzaBox an extra layer of legitimacy.

Make sure you're posting photos of your partner's products if you run a subscription box. This boosts your brand reputation by showing that you partner with credible companies and that your subscription box offers high-quality products. 

Informational fashion videos


SprezzaBox posts short informational fashion videos to its Instagra, regularly. These videos give free fashion advice using products from its most recent boxes. We like these videos because they're engaging and give the company another way to showcase the products in its boxes. 

Video marketing is on the rise, so make sure you're using video to promote your brand on Instagram and on other social networks. For inspiration, check out this infographic on social media video trends for 2018.

Overhead box product shots


SprezzaBox posts overhead videos of the contents of all its boxes. This gives the potential customers a clear look at exactly what is inside SprezzaBox's past boxes and builds hype for future box unveilings. Consider the same for your subscription box so you can give future customers a look at if your box is right for them.

Now it's your turn!

And that's what we love about SprezzaBox's Instagram account! Consider incorporating these methods into your brand's Instagram account if they fit your audience and brand. For more inspiration, check out the rest of our Instagram Spotlights.

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