Snapchat Updates Lens Creator with Advanced Lenses

This week, Snap Inc updated its Snapchat Lens Studio app to include more in-depth visual tools. For example, creators can now build three-dimensional overlays that respond to facial movement. Snapchat added seven new templates to help facilitate this: Face Paint, Photo, Distort, Trigger, 2D Objects, 3D Objects and Baseball Cap.

Further, Snapchat added Giphy integration to Lens Creator. Creators can now overlay gifs onto their Lenses,  This comes just weeks after Snapchat removed Giphy from its platform over a racist gif, however, the platform was re-added after promising stricter moderation.

Finally, Snapchat is updated its Android and iOS apps to help creators showcase their lenses. The update adds a Lens Stories section to the Discover menu of the app. Lens Story will show a collection of public Snaps that are submitted to “Our Story” and show community Lenses.

Lens Creator examples.

Lens Studio was announced earlier this year and lets anyone build their own Snapchat Lenses and augmented reality objects.

After making a lens, the creator can generate a link and send it to their friends, family, or social following. Clicking the link activates the Lens in Snapchat for 24 hours and the link stays active for a year, so you can unlock the filter as many times as you'd like.

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