Letterbox Instagram Spotlight

Letterfolk is a husband-and-wife, Salt Lake City based retro letterboard startup. One of the company's main outreach tools is Instagram, where they post daily photos of their products shot in-house and by the company's massive social following. 

In this article, we'll tell you what we love about Letterfolk's Instagram account and how you can use what they do right to improve your brand's Instagram account. 

Humor Done Right

Many of Letterfolk's posts have a very distinct sense of humor. It's not too much, and it's just witty enough to make you laugh. This humor is sprinkled throughout the photos and the captions, so followers are encouraged to take a closer look at Letterfolk's posts for a daily laugh.

When executed correctly, humor can be a great way for businesses to attract and retain Instagram followers. It gives your brand a care-free feel and makes you more relatable to your customers. 

Defined Aesthetic

The photos on Letterfolk's Instagram feature a similar aesthetic: they're bright, feature a Letterfolk letterboard, and feature a witty or inspirational quote. We like this because it makes the content on Letterbox's Instagram account predictable, organized, and frankly—addicting. The brand's followers are constantly looking forward to the next post for their daily dose of humor. 

Showcasing Its Fans Work


Get ready to thrive through this week. 💪 📷: @streetsmart.rd

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Many of Letterfolk's posts are reposts of its fan's best work. Each of these posts still stay within the brand's aesthetic, but bring a new voice and fresh content to the table. Even better, Letterfolk shouts out all of the creators its showcases by tagging them in the caption. 

These types of posts are great for both Letterfolk and the followers it showcases. The people they repost get free publicity from being shouted out to 286,000 Instagram followers, and Letterfolk gets free high-quality content and good publicity for sharing its fan's work. 

Now, Grow Your Own Following!

Take what Letterfolk does right and apply it to your company's Instagram campaign. Using humor right, defining a brand aesthetic, and showcasing your fan's work can help you boost engagement and turn leads into sales.

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