Virgin Atlantic

Airlines have a tough time on Instagram. Many run outdated and dull campaigns, ignoring growing trends like Instagram Stories and video. This makes the airlines miss out on huge engagement numbers and—in return—receive a smaller ROI on their Instagram investment.

But not all airlines. 

Virgin Atlantic has by far the best Instagram page amongst all major airlines. It posts high quality content to both its Instagram page and Stories, and keeps up engagement by switching up post types. In this article, we'll show you three things we like about Virgin Atlantic's Instagram page and discuss how your brand can incorporate Virgin's rights into its own Instagram feed. 

Take Advantage of Stories

Virgin Atlantic's Instagram Story

Unlike most airlines, Virgin Atlantic takes full advantage of Instagram Stories. The brand posts a variety of time-sensitive content to its Story, including flight deals, destination announcements, and other promotions. Further, the brand makes use of the See More option in Stories to provide details about its sales and promotions.

Announcing promotions via your Instagram Story creates a sense of urgency around the promotion. In the case of Virgin Atlantic's cheap flight deals, the viewer will think the fare only available for a limited time (even if it's not), so he or she is more inclined to make an impulse purchase.

Try running sales or other promotions on your brand's Instagram Story to play off FOMO (Fear of Missing Out). That mixed with Instagram Story's high engagement rates may be just what your brand needs to push leads to sales.

Diverse Content Types

Virgin Atlantic posts a wide variety of content to its Instagram page. For example, in just the last two weeks you can find everything from airplane photos, to employee video interviews, to new destination announcements. The airline posts near-daily and is careful to never post the same type of content two days in a row. 

This takes a deal of effort on Virgin Atlantic's part, but it pays off. Switching up content types keeps its Instagram content interesting and engaging as customers never know what to expect. 

Crowdsourced Content

Like Letterfolk, a majority of the content on Virgin Atlantic's Instagram page is crowdsourced. The airline takes photos from its loyal following and re-posts the best, adding its own caption and crediting the original creator. However, the brand is careful to only repost content that fits its brand aesthetic

Crowdsourced content is great for both Virgin Atlantic and the creators it showcases. For the airline, it's beneficial because it gives its social media marketing team a huge library of diverse content to work with. For creators, the people the airline repost get free publicity from being shouted out to Virgin Atlantic's huge Instagram audience of 239,000(!!!) followers.

Now, Get Instagramming!

And there you have it: three reasons why Virgin Atlantic is killing it on Instagram. Take these tips and apply them to your brand's Instagram efforts to jumpstart engagement and create more interesting and diverse content. 

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