Brandless Instagram Spotlight

Brandless is a San Francisco-based startup that's reimagining generic products. The company sells a range of household products, foods, and beauty supplies; all without brands and for a flat rate of $3 per item. And while generic products aren't the most marketable thing, Brandless has found a way to do it effectively on Instagram.

The generic products startup has nearly 200,000 Instagram followers that get thousands of likes and comments. In this article, we'll show you what Brandless does right on Instagram to achieve high engagement numbers. Use these tips to improve your brand's Instagram presence.

Tell stories with Instagram albums

Brandless tells stories using Instagram's albums feature. For example, above we see a series about Brandless' temporary brick-and-mortar store. The album and its caption shows us shots of the shop and how the brand is going to use it during the store's two-week run. 

This isn't its only album either. In other albums we see customer stories, the process of moving offices, and new product announcements. We like these albums because they encourage Brandless' followers to swipe through all of the album's images, making them more likely to interact. 

Posting useful content (recipes)

Brandless posts occasional recipes to its Instagram account. These Tasty-esque videos showcase how to use Brandless products to make desserts, dinners, and brunch sides. The brand posts these recipes weekly, giving its audience something to look forward to. 

We like Brandless' recipe posts because they provide value to the brand's audience. A recipe markets food products while showing a real-world use case—a friendlier and more useful approach than posting endless photos of brown sugar and other genetic kitchen supplies. 

Using quotes. Tastefully. 

Finally, Brandless mixes it up by posting occasional inspirational quotes to its Instagram page. Each of these posts are made with beautiful typography and are branded with the Brandless' signature hashtag: #BrandlessLife. 

The brand always chooses quotes from universally loved individuals too. For example, the brand recently posted quotes from Martin Luther King Jr. and Yrsa Daily Ward.

We like Brandless' use of quotes because it gives its audience a break from product-centric photos and videos. And since the quotes are relatively neutral, its followers will like the image without second thought. 

Brandless' Instagram: Concluded!

Brandless has mastered the art of marketing generic products on Instagram. Study what the brand does right and build a value-packed Instagram page that yields huge returns for your own brand. 

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