Increase Facebook Group Engagement

Facebook Groups are a must for modern brands.

Last year, Facebook changed Newsfeed's algorithm to prioritize content from Groups, local news sources, and other places where Facebook users have "meaningful interactions". Because of this, many Pages have seen a steady decrease in traffic year-over-year.

Facebook Groups provide a way for brands and publications to regain lost Pages traffic. Some brands are actually seeing their pages rank higher in Newsfeeds than their traditional Page did before the algorithm change. 

Growing a Facebook Group is different than growing a traditional Page. To aid in your efforts, we'll give you five tips for increasing engagement on your Facebook Group in this article.

Let's dive in!

Make a closed Group

Closed Facebook Groups drive engagement

Contrary to popular belief, closed Facebook Groups often foster more engagement than public groups. Group members are more likely to post if they know that their post will only be seen by like-minded individuals in the Group—not others in their Facebook feed. 

Further, there's a sense of exclusivity in a closed Facebook Group. Not everyone gets to join it, and not everyone is approved. Having a closed Group upholds an intelligent and respectful atmosphere that encourages members to post.

Finally, keeping your Group closed prevents bots and scammers from joining your Group. Trust us, your admins will thank you.

Make sure there's a central theme


Don't make a Group about your brand—instead, make a Group with a central theme. For example, if you own a camera store, make a Group for local freelance photographers instead of a Group about your camera store. Then, mix in promotional posts about your camera store when the Group is established.

Why do this? Put bluntly: your customers and leads don't want to discuss your camera store. Rather, they want to discuss freelance photography gigs, lighting, and the best lenses for shooting portraits. Then when a Group member needs a new camera, he or she will remember that your store's Group gave them great information in the past. 

In other words: structure your Facebook Group like you would a content marketing campaign. Provide great free information, and reap the rewards later down the line. 

Don't worry, you can still brand your Group

Facebook lets brands create Groups using an existing Page. This lets you post to your Group under your brand's name instead of from your personal Facebook account. Additionally, your brand's Facebook Page will be advertised on the right-hand side of your Group inside of the "Group By" box. 

Take Group branding a step further and add "By [brand name]" to the end of your Group's name. For example, we'd make a Group titled "Social Media Marketing Discussions by Social Report."

Make sure your admins are active


Make sure that all of your Facebook Group's administrators are active and regularly engage with members. All administrator posts and comments are denoted with a small "Admin" badge. This badge increases the credibility of the post and encourages interaction.

For bonus points (and more engagement), have admins post a weekly series to your Facebook Group. These series should be a call-to-action that encourages Group members to join a conversation. Series can be based off of a frequent question that's posted to your group ("What should I buy?") or a just-for-fun topic related to your industry. 

For example, above, see Award Travel 101™'s admin announce the Group's weekly #DecisionMonday post. This series is an open forum where members can ask the community for advice on what travel credit card they should apply for next. The Group regularly sees over 200 comments on these posts.

Fill out your Group's description box and add a cover photo

Make sure your Facebook Group's bio box is filled out 

All public and closed groups have a publicly viewable Group description and cover photo. These are often the only things potential Group members know about your Group before joining, so make sure the description is catchy and the cover photo stands out. 

Welcome new members

This trick is more effective than you'd think. At the end of every week, make a simple "Welcome to the Group!" post and tag all new members. This makes new members feel comfortable to post, and encourages "welcome!" comments from existing members.

Keep growing your Facebook Group!

And there you have it: five tips for five tips for increasing engagement on your Facebook Group. Use these tips to grow your brand's Facebook Group engagement and regain traffic lost by Facebook's infamous 2017 algorithm change. 

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