Use Reddit to market your brand.

As Reddit rises to the top of the most visited websites worldwide, it’s becoming an increasingly useful marketing tool for modern brands. After all, it's a discussion board for everything—and discussions about your brand and industry are welcome. 

In this article, we’ll show you three ways to effectively market your brand on Reddit. Use these tips to start a Reddit marketing initiative and further your brand’s reach on the front page of the internet. 

Create a subreddit for your brand

Create a new subreddit for your brand. One option for doing this is to simply make a subreddit under your brand or product’s name. The subreddit can be a place for users to ask support questions, discuss product announcements, and meet other enthusiasts.

Your subreddit doesn’t need to be directly related to your product. You can create one about your brand’s industry or another related topic too—just make sure you’re creative and not too broad. For example, we could make a subreddit for social media marketing freelancers.

Answer questions and provide insight on industry subreddits

Scour Reddit for mentions of your brand. If you see your customers discussing your product, jump into the conversation and answer questions and support requests. This will build trust with your customers because it shows that you actively seek out ways to help.

Alternatively, pay attention to subreddits related to your brand’s industry. Provide insight and jump into discussion on topics related to your industry to build clout and increase your reputation.

Before posting, create a Reddit account under your brand’s name and end all of your posts with a signature. This directly ties your brand to its posts and helps build reputation.

Host an AMA

AMAs, or “Ask Me Anything” posts, are one of the most popular types of posts on Reddit. In short, these posts are when a predominate figure on a topic hosts an open question-and-answer thread to a subreddit related to his or her industry or area of expertise. AMAs are generally done with approval of a related subreddit's moderation team and receive promotion (think pinned posts the week leading up to the AMA). 

Host an AMA on a subreddit related to your product. For example, we could host an AMA on r/SocialMediaMarketing. Try your best to have your brand's president, CEO, or other knowledgable c-suite employee host the AMA to increase credibility and wow-factor. 

Don’t stop experimenting!

Reddit is a rising way to promote your brand. Keep experimenting with different types of posts to perfect your Reddit marketing strategy. If you find something that works, let us know on Twitter and we'll retweet the best. 

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