How to schedule Facebook Groups posts

Facebook Groups are a rising trend in social media. They help brands create community around their products and make up for traffic lost because of Facebook's publisher unfriendly algorithm change.

If your brand has started its own Group, the first thing you need to do is learn how to schedule posts. Luckily, you can schedule posts to Facebook Groups without a third-party social media app, but functionality is limited (no bulk scheduling) and it's hidden a few layers deep in the Groups interface.

Here's how to schedule a post to your Facebook Group

1. Create a new post in your Facebook Group.

 Write a post in your Group

2. Click the clock botton at the bottom of new post window.

 Click the clock button

3. Input a time and click the "schedule" button.

Enter Time 

 4. Do that for all of your posts—manually.

And that's how you schedule Facebook Groups posts. This works well for scheduling a one-off post, but can get mind-numbingly tedious when you want to schedule multiple posts at once. 

Luckily, there's a better way to schedule your Groups posts...

Social Report saves the day with bulk scheduling to Facebook Groups

Using Social Report to schedule your Facebook Group posts will save you tons of time every week. You can use our platform to bulk schedule posts without having to manually schedule each post or load the Facebook website.

Here's how to schedule all of your weekly posts with Social Report in under 30 miniutes.

1. Download our CSV template and type out all of your posts for the week.

Make a CSV

Attaching images? Upload them to Imgur or another image host and include the direct link in the "attach image" column.

2. Click the Publishing tab at the top of the Social Report window and select Bulk Scheduling from the drop-down menu.

Click Bulk Scheduler from the Publishing drop-down menu

3. Click "Create New Content Group" and then "Upload CSV" from the pop-out menu.

Upload your Social Report CSV file

Select the CSV file you created in step one and upload it. 

4. Confirm that all posts imported correctly and press Next.

Review your posts

You can edit any of the imported posts by clicking on it.

5. Select the Group you'd like to schedule the posts to, and press Next.

 Select your Group

Then, you'll be brought through a series of pages whre you can add call to actions, set your Facebook location, and make other tweaks. Browse through these pages, fill out the info you'd like to change, and keep pressing Next until the Schedule button appears. Click this, and your posts are automatically scheduled to your Group. 

And that's all there is to it! That's how you seamlessly schedule all of your Facebook Groups posts for the week in under 30 mins, directly from a CSV file. Sure beats Facebook's way, right?

Facebook Groups scheduling: completed!

Social Report is one of the few social media management apps that offers bulk scheduling to Facebook Groups. If your brand is taking advantage of Groups in 2018, make sure to give Social Report a shot—your Social Media Manager will thank you.

Ready to give us a shot? Start your 30 day Social Report trial today!

Use Social Report to schedule your Facebook Groups posts.