Let There Be Travel Facebook Groups spotlight

Let There Be Travel is a travel services company that uses Facebook groups to promote its blog and travel booking service. The group brings travel enthusiasts together and provides a platform to discuss future travel plans, the latest travel news, and more. 

The group has grown exponentially since launching in 2015. In fact, Let There Be Travel has close to 13,000 members in 2018 and engaging discussions happen daily. 

In this article, we'll show you why Let There Be Travel is such a successful travel group. Keep these pointers in mind when creating a Facebook group for your brand. 

Already have a Facebook group? Here's five ways to grow it.

A pinned post with helpful info

The Let There Be Travel Facebook group has a great pinned post

A good pinned post is essential the success of any Facebook group. Let There Be Travel's pinned post is jam-packed with good information: it includes an extensive list of member resource links and a quick overview of the group and its rules. This saves admins from answering the same question repeatedly and gives members a stockpile of good information in one place. 

We like how Let There Be Travel uses affiliate links to monetize its pinned post. This gives group members a way to support the brand when booking discounted travel through the group's partners. It's a win-win.

Admins share relevant articles and content

Group admins share relevant articles with their audience

Let There Be Travel's admins post relevant travel news articles to the Group on a near-daily basis. Posting these articles keep group members informed and facilitates discussion about current events. This is great because it makes the group a one-stop-shop for group members to get travel help and read up on the latest travel news. 

Share relevant news and thought leadership articles with your group too. It's free content that will increase your engagement numbers. Bonus points if you share articles from your brand's blog.

Just one thing to keep in mind: keep the news stories you share politically neutral and moderate comments intently. The last thing your brand needs is a flame war in the comments.

Welcome posts done right

Let There Be Travel does welcome posts right in its Facebook group

The Let There Be Travel group admins frequently post "welcome" posts to the group. All new members from the past week are tagged, reminding new members that they're in the group and encouraging existing group members to welcome newcomers.

Try posting a weekly welcome post on your brand's group—it's more effective than you think.

Admins are quick to help

Admins are quick to help their Facebook group members

Let There Be Travel's group admins are always quick to help group members. More often than not, you'll see admins post answers to reader questions, offer to help find a deal, or simply offer best wishes to a fellow traveller. This builds a good reputation for the Let There Be Travel brand and encourages members to post questions. 

Additionally, this takes advantage of Facebook's moderator and admin tags. Whenever a moderator posts, a small "moderator" symbol is shown next to his or her name. These tags add a sense of legitimacy to all moderator comments—something that helps groups retain members. 

Now, make a Facebook Group for your brand

Let There Be Travel is a great example of Facebook Groups done right. Take inspiration from the Group and make one for your brand's niche. When done right, Facebook groups drive traffic to your brand and make up for engagement lost by Facebook's Newsfeed algorithm change

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