Social Media Post Calendar 2018

Whether you're a social media manager just starting out, a marketing agency scaling its clients, or an enterprise adding some structure to its social media efforts, the benefits of a social media post calendar are quite clear.

Social media post calendars allow you to organize your social media posts—making it easy to plan out posts ahead of time, avoid last-minute fire drills to create content, and keep your workflow organized.

Without one, you and your team will often be left scrambling to keep your social posting efforts consistent and in turn, will be at a much greater risk for dissatisfying your clients.

Fortunately for you, an easy-to-use social media post calendars was one of the first of many awesome social media management features our platform, Social Report, built.

Now, we're introducing an even more innovative version of the social media posting calendar—one that will even further allow you to organize, track and manage your posting schedule for years to come.

What exactly does the new posting calendar have to offer?

Great question. Here's just a sneak-peek of what Social Report's new social media posting calendar has to offer to users:

1. A new and improved look, including an organizational navigation panel on the right-hand side of the calendar:

Publishing Calendar Screenshot

2. New calendar filters, including time-saving filters by:

  • Content Group (organized groups to which specific types of posts belong)
  • Status (scheduled, published, errors)
  • User (posts created by certain members of your team)
  • Profile (posts by target social media profiles)

New Calendar Filters

3. List view option

Our new list view option allows you to easily scroll through, multi-select and edit batches of posts at a time:

List View Option

4. Export Your Post Calendars

Users are also now able to export their post calendars, with the ability to then import them to Google calendars, Outlook and more:

Export Calendar

5. Search and Find Specific Posts

Users also now have access to a search bar that allows them to type in terms and locate any and all posts including or related to those terms:

Search Feature

Other New and Improved Features

  • Multiple posting schedules
  • Drag and drop posts—great for quickly moving around posts to new dates
  • A cleaner, more informative hover-over on individual posts within the calendar

Through these new features, we make certain that social media managers for businesses of all sizes will be able to more efficiently and effectively create, schedule and manage their social media post efforts.

Ready to try out our new social media posting calendar for yourself?

Simply log in and navigate to publishing > view calendar to access all of the aforementioned features as well as the new calendar's look.

If you still need a little help figuring out the calendar, check out our help center guide on our publishing calendar and export features.

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