The Digital Nomad Around the World Facebook group brings remote workers together

Being a digital nomad is becoming more and more popular. In short, a digital nomad is someone that's location-independent and works remotely while travel full-time. This is a relatively new phenomenon, so where do aspiring digital nomads go for resources? 

Simple: the Digital Nomads Around the World Facebook group.

The group has amassed over 80,000 members over the years and is a premier resource for remote workers. In this article, we'll show you what we love about the Digital Nomads Around the World group. Keep these pointers in mind when growing your own Facebook group.

Let's jump in!

Clearly defined rules

Digital Nomads Around the World's rules

First thing's first: rules

All of the group's rules are available in a pinned post at the top of the group. These rules are extensive but ensure that all content stays on-topic and that the group is free of spam. Only remote working related content is allowed to be posted in the group and things like travel blogs and affiliate links are explicitly banned.

Further, this pinned post lays out criteria for being banned from the group. We like this because it makes sure that users are fairly banned and reduces worry of being kicked from the group.

Make sure to add a rules and criteria for being banned to your group's pinned post to keep your group on track.

Resource website for members

 Digital Nomads Around the World has an excellent resource website

The group's admins created a resource website for the Digital Nomads Around the World group. This website is chock-full of resources for remote workers, and includes links to remote working job boards, helpful software and tools, a list of the best co-working spaces, and more. 

We like that the group maintains a dedicated website for these resources instead of listing them in a pinned post. The website makes the resources easier to navigate and keeps the pinned post open for rules and general information about the group.

Oh, and the website is well designed too!

Makes use of the file sharing feature

Share files with your group members

Unlike pages, groups have a built-in file repository that you can use to share files with your members.

The Digital Nomads Around the World group uses this repository to share remote job offers, remote worker CV examples, and more. These files are posted by admins and group members that have helpful information to share. 

Add value to your group and upload relevant files to your group too. Files keep your group members coming back for helpful information and shows that your brand is focused on helping members improve their skills.

Files you can share with your group includes helpful lists, step-by-step tutorials, and job opportunities. Make these files exclusive to your group and brand them with your logo and footer for brand recognition.

And that's a wrap!

There you have it: what we love about the Digital Nomads Around the World. Use what this Facebook group does right when building a group for your brand. Need more inspiration? Check out our beginner's guide to Facebook groups.

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