Facebook introduced three huge new features this week.

This week in social media news is all about Facebook. This week, we're discussing three huge new Facebook features that came to light this week: two for consumers, and one for advertisers. 

In this article, we'll give you a look at these new features and discuss how they affect you. 

Let's dive right in!

Facebook starts experimenting with a/b testing for ads

Advertiser A/B testing on Facebook
Image Source: Jane Manchun Wong

Infamous Facebook and Instagram feature leaker Jane Manchun Wong showed us that Facebook is testing a built-in A/B testing platform for Facebook ads. This feature will allow advertisers to run multiple versions of their ads and receive engagement analytics about all variants.

This feature lets advertisers better spend their advertising dollars as they can look over the data to see which ads are performing best. 

Our take

Facebook hasn't publicly announced its A/B testing features but we're looking forward to testing them out. In an age of constant algorithm changes, it's refreshing to see Facebook look out for its advertisers and give them another way to optimize content.

Facebook's 3D camera: explained!

Using Facebook's 3D photos on an iPhone

Facebook teased its new 3D camera feature at its F8 developer conference earlier this year. In short, 3D photos will be like any other Facebook photo, but when you scroll by them, tap or click on them, or tilt your phone from side to side, 3D photos will respond with changes in perspective. 

This week, TechCrunch sat down with Johannes Kopf, a Facebook research scientist, to learn about how the feature works.

Turns out, 3D photos are made by harnessing the dual-cameras on many of today's flagship smartphones. These cameras shoot in-tandem to create a depth map of the scene, making it so you can look around the photo. Check out the TechCrunch piece for more info.

Our take

3D photos haven't rolled out yet, but we expect to see them go live soon. This will be a huge new feature, so start brainstorming good uses of 3D photos for your brand now. 

On This Day make a comeback with a dedicated Memories section

 Facebook rebrands On This Day to Memories

This week, Facebook revamped its On This Day feature. In the past, this feature let Facebook users view posts from the same date in years past. The social media giant noted on its blog that 90 million people use the feature on a daily basis.

Facebook has renamed the section "Memories" and expanded it to show more than just old Timeline posts. The section now shows:

  • On This Day. Past posts and major life events from this date.
  • Friends Made On This Day. This section shows friends you made on this day in year's past, and includes special videos or collages that celebrate your friendversaries.
  • Recaps of Memories. Seasonal or monthly video recaps of Facebook memories. These are similar to the Friendship videos that Facebook makes for friendversaries. 
  • Memories You May Have Missed. Memories from the past week that you may have missed. 

Our take

These are welcome changes to the On This Day feature. Rebranding to Memories makes sense, and expanding Memories to include different types of content makes it feel more complete. 

And that's this week's Facebook news!

And that's a wrap! These features are vastly different, but each affects how you use Facebook. It's exciting to see Facebook work to continually revamp its platform and add both consumer and advertiser-friendly features on a near-weekly basis.

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