Four tips for making more effective LinkedIn posts

LinkedIn is an important marketing tool for both job seekers and businesses. Job seekers can use it to market themselves for job opportunities, and businesses can use it to promote products, get new leads, and make connections with potential new-hires.

There are two ways to post on LinkedIn: standard status updates and full-fledged blog posts. The former makes it easy to share tidbits of information with your audience, and the latter gives bloggers a new platform to share in-depth ideas and opinions with a larger audience. 

Just getting started with LinkedIn? Or maybe you're a LinkedIn veteran looking to increase reach? You're in the right place. In this article we'll give you four tips to increase your post reach on LinkedIn.

Let's get started.

Solve a problem (and make it catchy, but not spammy)

Your followers and connections have problems, and you can help solve them. 

Share your expertise by writing tutorials, roundups, and quick tips and tricks posts that provide value and answer your audience's burning questions. If it's in the form of a blog post, make sure to write a catchy headline that accurately portrays what you're writing about too.  

Some examples of these headlines include: 

  • Five Ways To Spice Up Your Content Marketing
  • How To Better Optimize Your Facebook Posts
  • Quick Tip: Change Your Website's Structure For Best SEO
Make sure your headlines don't look like this.

Just make sure your headlines don't sound spammy (or like a 90's internet weight loss ad). This will deter readers no matter how great your content is. 

Share content in relevant groups

 Share your content to relevant LinkedIn groups

Like Facebook groups, LinkedIn groups are a great place to share your content and expand your reach. Just make sure to keep your posts on-topic with the group, not spammy, and in line with the group's rules. 

Share your LinkedIn posts on other platforms

Don't stop at LinkedIn groups. Share your LinkedIn posts on other social networks and link to your posts on your website. You can even embed newsfeed posts on your website or in a blog post outside of LinkedIn. 

Doing this lets you cross-pollinate your LinkedIn presence with other social networks. For example, sharing a link to your latest LinkedIn video on Twitter will direct your Twitter followers to your LinkedIn page. In turn, your Twitter followers may connect with you on LinkedIn. 

Embrace video

 Embrace LinkedIn video for maximum engagement

LinkedIn recently added native video sharing to LinkedIn. LinkedIn videos act very similar to Facebook videos: they can be uploaded from desktop or mobile, and are generally geared towards sharing quick bits of information with an audience.

However, the two video platforms differ when it comes to content. Instead of memes, you'll find business advice, informal business blogs, and other tidbits of good information on LinkedIn.

In short: when you make a LinkedIn video, make sure it's informative or presents a well-formed opinion on a business topic. This isn't the place to share your latest cookie recipe, cat meme, or political rant. 

Here's why your brand should embrace video in 2018 and beyond.

Keep on posting!

Those are our top four tips for making more effective LinkedIn posts. Both brands and individuals can use these methods to make better posts and increase reach. On Twitter, let us know how you make your social media posts more effective.

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