White Labeling

White labeling is a great way to add extra value to your social media services. It lets you brand your reports and application's user interface, speeding up your workflow and making your services look more streamlined to your client's branding.

In this article, we'll show you what social media management applications support white-labeling. We'll give each application an overview and discuss to what extent you can white-label its software. We also included a table at the bottom of this article with pricing and a breakdown of the included white labeling features

Let's get started.

What social media applications support white labeling?

A surprisingly small number of social media management apps support white labeling. In fact, even social media management giants like HootSuite, Sprout Social, and Buffer don't offer publically available white labeled experiences. 

Luckily, there are a few that do. These are the applications we'll compare in this article:

  • Social Report
  • Sendible
  • Cloud Campaign 

What should you be able to white label?

First things first: what should you be able to white label on your social media app? 

Ideally, you should be able to white label every aspect of your social media management app. Here's what we looked for when comparing white labeling features across the major social media management apps:

  • Customize CSS and JavaScript: customize the look and feel of your social media management application by adding custom CSS and JavaScript. You can use this to match you or your client's website. 
  • Add custom logos to reports: you should be able to add custom logos to your social media management application and the reports it makes.
  • Vanity URL shortener: personalize your URL shortener with a custom domain for your agency or its clients.
  • Hosted under a custom URL: host the application under a custom domain. For example, Apple Agency's URL could be appleagency.com/manage.
  • Integrate other web services: integrate other services into your social media management platform. This generally requires extensive API access.
  • Reseller program: make money off of your social media management apps and resell it to your clients.

Social Report: offers the most full-fledged white-label experience

White labeling in Social Report

Social Report offers the most affordable and complete white labeling features. It gives agencies the ability to add custom logos to their web portal and PDF reports, add custom CSS and JavaScript to the dashboard, and even integrate third-party applications. 

This means that you can fully customize the Social Report experience. For example, you can set up your Social Report dashboard to match the look and feel of your client's website. That mixed with a custom URL means that your customer will think that you developed the software especially for them, increasing customer faith and making a great first impression. 

Additionally, Social Report offers an extensive reseller program. In short, you can use this program to brand and sell Social Report under your own name. Social Report offers discounted pricing to its reselling clients, so it's an easy way for any agency to make extra income. Contact Social Report for more info.

Social Report includes white labeling with its Pro plan. This costs just $199 per month for unlimited users, 20 projects, and 200+ connected social media accounts, so it's perfect for agencies of all sizes.

Sendible: unknown price means big bucks

White labeling on Sendible

Sendible is a big name in the social media management world. It integrates with a number of social networks and, as you'd expect, can be used to schedule content, view analytics, and produce high-quality reports. Sendible is also one of the few social media management apps to support white labeling. 

You can outfit your copy of Sendible with a custom domain, logos, and CSS. Additionally, you can integrate third-party web applications with a custom API from Sendible. It's a surprisingly complete white label suite. 

But those features come at a price. 

Sendible doesn't publish pricing for its white labeling features, and it isn't included with its highest-end plan. Expect to pay a hefty premium over its $299 per month Large plan for white labeling. 

Cloud Campaign: limited features and an unknown pricetag

White labeling Cloud Campaign 

Cloud Campaign is a new contender in the social media management space. It offers post scheduling to a number of social networks and has a well designed, easy to use interface. Much to our surprise, it offers white labeling features too. 

But don't hold your breath. 

According to Cloud Campaign's website, its white labeling features are limited to custom logos and a custom log-in URL. This is better than nothing but makes the white label experience feel less complete. 

Like Sendible, Cloud Campaign requires a call-in for white label pricing. Its highest-end plan—Agency—costs $199 per month, so we expect a $50-100 per month premium on top of this price for white labeling.

Cloud Campaign charges a one-time fee for setting up your white labeling too. Ouch. 

What white labeled social media app is best for you?

  Price Licenses Includes Custom CSS and JavaScript Custom Logos For Website And Reports Vanity URL Shortener Custom URL Integrate Other Web Services Reseller Program
Social Report $199 Unlimited Users & 200+ Profiles Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Sendible Call Call CSS Yes No Yes Yes No
Cloud Campaign Call Call No Yes No Yes No No

All in all, we've found that Social Report offers the best social media white label experience. You can customize everything down to the application's CSS and JavaScript, integrate third-party apps, and even resell the software as an additional income stream. 

See the chart above for a quick feature comparison of the white label features. Then, check out this post for a deeper comparison of all the major social media management apps

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