How to make your social media posts more engaging

Are you posting to social media, but not getting any likes, comments, or shares?

It happens to the best of us when starting our first social media campaign. But before you panic and swear off social media marketing for good, let us humor you for a minute.

In this article, we'll show you 6 awesome ways to make your social media posts more engaging. When put into action, these tips will teach you how to make your posts more shareable and encourage your audience to like and comment on everything you post. 

Let's get started!

1. End your posts with a question

Ending your social media posts with a question is a great way to increase engagement. Your followers want to voice their opinions, so give them a platform to do it at the end of your posts. It can be as simple as asking for an opinion on a new product or asking about a current even (think Olympics or World Cup!)

Just make sure you're asking questions on neutral topics; no one wants a political flame war on their brand's comment threads.

2. Use more images 

Images are key to any modern social media campaign. Images are proven to entice social media users—in fact, campaigns that feature social media content grow 12% faster than posts without it. So simply adding a royalty-free image (from Unsplash or Pixabay) to your posts can make a world of difference to your campaign.

Some types of images to include in your posts are photographs, infographics, or in-house illustrations. Experiment and see what you can achieve on social media with the help of images.

3. Video is even better

Using videos in your social posts are even better—in fact, they get over 12 times the reposts that text and image posts do. Your videos can be as simple as a quick video blog, or as in-depth as a video walkthrough of your new product. The choice is yours, just be sure to give video a shot. 

4. Host a survey

Going back to point #1, adding a survey or poll to your social media post can do a number for its engagement statistics. Polls give your audience a quick and easy way to voice their opinion on any topic without having to type a response.

Even better, if someone feels strongly about your poll, he or she may retweet it for their audience to vote. Give it a shot on your next campaign, and use your social network of choice's built-in polling tools.

5. Work with an influencer

Working with an influencer can have a huge impact on your social media engagement. Partner with someone in your industry and have them promote your products across their social channels. Then, re-post their content to your social channels to continue the cycle.

Why do this? Simple: it builds trust.

Your influencer's following trusts them, so when they see a photo of them using your product, they'll follow and interact with you based on that trust. And if the right person sees your content, they may even become a customer.

6. Add a hashtag (or two)

Hashtags are a proven way to increase social media engagement. Add appropriate hashtags to your posts, and you'll get your content in front of new eyes. People may even join the conversation and respond to or like your Tweet or Instagram post. 

Keep on posting!

As you can see, there are tons of ways to improve your social media posts for maximum engagement. Let us know how you make your status updates more engaging on Twitter.

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