Follow these marketers on Twitter

Twitter has become a hotbed for sharing helpful thought leadership and industry tips—espeically amongst marketers. In fact, many predominant marketers make it a point to share content daily through video blogs, blog posts, or simply through a Tweet loaded with good info.

In this article, we'll show you five marketers you should be following on Twitter. Each of these marketers share awesome insights on the professional social network on a daily basis—much of which can help you improve your marketing chops. 

So without further ado, here's the marketers!

Neil Patel — digital marketing tips from a marketing veteran

If you're reading the Social Report blog, chances are you're familiar with Neil Patel. He's a veteran of the social media and digital marketing space, building his brand around helping others create successful blogs and social media campaigns. 

And his Twitter account is just as awesome as his blog. 

Patel tweets awesome content about building content and affiliate marketing blogs and growing social media presences on the daily. He tweets links to his best articles and episodes of his Marketing School podcast. This podcast is full of can't-miss information about all aspects of digital martketing, so give Patel a follow today.

Heidi Cohen — a fountain of awesome marketing content

Heidi Cohen is a marketer and journalist who has appeared on a number of publications around the web. Her content is focused on digital marketing tips, how to write awesome content marketing pieces, and content marketing news. 

The best place to find her content is on her Twitter account. Not only does she post her own thought leadership, but she retweets content from her talented friends and colleagues. Follow her on Twitter for your (often multiple times) daily dose of content marketing tips, tricks, and opinions. 

Brian Clark — thoughts from a social media founder

Brian Clark is the founder of multiple social media and content companies like and Studiopress, amongst others. His impressive portfolio makes his Twitter account a knowledge base for marketing and business. He constantly shares his opinions, helpful information, and links to related content from around the internet. 

Oh, and Clark tweets the occasional meme. Who can hate that?

Michael A. Stelzner — insights by a social media journalist

Mark Stelzner is the founder of Social Media Examiner, one of the web's most well-known social media publications. The website covers everything from guides on how to better optimize your social media posts to updates and news on the latest social networks—something any fan of the Social Report blog will love. 

He doesn't Tweet often, but when he does, it's links to important Social Media Examiner articles. So give him a follow and turn on notifications so you're constantly informed of important happenings in the social media marketing space. 

Neal Schaffer — marketing insights from around the web

Neal Schaffer is an Ireland-based marketer and author of social books like Maximize Your Social. His Twitter account is stocked with social media thought leadership and links to blog posts written by him and others in the space. He tweets constantly, so give him a follow for new and interesting social tips from around the web.

Bottom line

As you can see, each of these marketers brings an interesting perspective to the table on Twitter. Follow each of them, and soak up the knowledge—after all, you have nothing to lose and only valuable marketing insights to gain.

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