Facebook and Instagram release new features

Last week was a big one for Instagram, and this week is no different. Instagram and its parent company Facebook both added huge new features to their respective platforms this week.

On the Instagram side, we saw the platform add a new group video chat feature to Android and iOS and redesign its Explore page. Meanwhile, Facebook added a 'keyword snooze' feature and formally announced its new influencer marketing marketplace.

What a week!

In this article, we'll give you an overview of this week's Instagram and Facebook news and discuss how your brand can use them to better market its products (if at all). 

Let's dive in!

Instagram (finally) releases group video chat

After teasing us at F8, Instagram finally released its new video call platform to all users. Instagram users can call each other by clicking the camera button at the upper righthand corner of the chat window. This works for both individual and group chats, so it's easier than ever to connect with groups of friends. 

Instagram Redesigns Its Explore Page


Further, Instagram released a redesigned Explore page this week. You'll now see a scrollable list of recommended topics and hashtags at the top of the Explore menu. A mixture of all topics is shown in the grid at the middle of the Explore window, and you can hide a topic by holding on it and tapping mute.

Facebook adds keyword snooze button

Snooze Keyword in Facebook on iPhone

There's nothing worse than browsing Facebook and accidentally running into spoilers for your favorite TV show or a new movie. Luckily, Facebook is putting an end to this with its new feature, Keyword Snooze

When you come across a mention of your favorite TV show on your Newsfeed, click the three dot button at the upper righthand corner of the post. Then, click Snooze Keyword and select from a list of keywords that Facebook pulls from the post. All mentions of said keyword will be hidden from your Newsfeed for 30 days. 

Facebook formally announces its influencer marketing platform

Facebook Brand Collabs Manager in action

Earlier this month, we reported that Facebook was testing an in-house influencer marketing marketplace. The idea is that influencers and brands would use the platform as a place to meet and make deals.

This week, that platform was officially announced.

The social media giant dubbs the platform the Brand Collab Manager. Influencers with 25,000 or more followers can sign up for the platform and create a profile with a portfolio of original content and show stats from past campaigns.

Brands are automatically matched with influencers that best match their needs. Each influencer is assigned a percentage based on how good of a match he or she is to work with the brand. Influencers can also Like brand pages and show that they're interested in working with the brand.

Obviously, this is huge news for social media marketers. Facebook is providing a centralized location for influencers and brands to connect. This makes finding an influencer easier and more accessible than ever, and we expect more brands to get on the influencer marketing bandwagon in return.

Brand Collabs Manager is being rolled out this week. Interested brands and influencers can express interest on Facebook's signup page.

Bottom line

As you can see, this was a big week for Facebook and Instagram. Specifically, Facebook's new influencer marketing platform is a major change for brands as it will change how influencers and brands connect, opening a new world of opportunity.

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