The Fiction Writers Facebook group helps writers grow

The internet has changed the game for writers. Now more than ever, it's easier to connect with other writers and get inspiration for blog posts, novels, and short stories.

One of the most popular places for writers to connect is through Facebook groups. Over the years, groups have popped up for writers of all genres and mediums; it seems like everything from blogging to novel writing has a dedicated group.

One of our favorite Facebook groups for writers is Fiction Writing. This group is for—you guessed it—people writing fiction books and short stories. In this group, members frequently give each other advice on writing, publishing, and getting a book deal. 

The group has quickly grown to over 57,000 members and has tons of new posts and comments on a daily basis. In this article, we'll show you what Fiction Writers is doing right. Use these points as inspiration when creating and growing a Facebook group for your brand. 

Always open for questions

The Fiction Writers group members are always open to answer questions and give suggestions

At its core, Fiction Writing is a question and answer group. Every day hundreds of questions are posted to the group, and hundreds of answers are commented. All writing-related questions are allowed in the group and range from grammar to discussions on how to beat writer's block.

The informal question and answer format makes the group a centralized hub for fiction writers to ask questions about their craft. This is unique because groups with a more traditional discussion format confine question and answers to one weekly thread. In turn, this limits the amount of detail one can add to their question post.

The question and answer format may be right for your group too. We recommend it to groups that are focused on a broad craft like writing, playing a musical instrument, or learning a programming language. 

Even better, this format is easy to brand—just add a "powered by [your brand name]" or "with [your brand name]" to the end of the group's title. For example, we could make a group called "Content Marketing Questions with Social Report" for content marketers.

 A 'meet the admins' blurb

Meet the admins

One of our favorite parts of the Fiction Writing group is how the group's admins constantly interact with members. They're always jumping into discussions, answering questions, and otherwise sharing their expertise.

The admins also spiced up the group's About page and added a "Meet the Admins" section. This section shows different facts about the admins like the books they've written and what they do for work.

A "Meet the Admins" section makes the admins more credible and drives a feeling of community—consider adding one to your group's about page or pinned post. This adds personality to your group and makes your admins more than just pixels on a screen. 

A twice annual showcase of member's work

The Fiction Writers admins host a twice annual contest

Fiction Writer's admins are proud of their member's work—and for a good reason. Oftentimes members post success stories of their works being published in print, featured on blogs, and going viral on social media.

The Fiction Writers admins host a twice-annual contest to reward its most talented members. The group partnered with Scout Media to publish an anthology (or, a collection of short stories) twice a year featuring stories written by its group members. This book is sold in bookstores worldwide and the people published are compensated.

Hot Tip: Talk about giving back to your group members!

Host a similar contest on your Facebook group. This encourages members to engage with the group and put their best work forward. It looks good on your brand too: you're giving back to your group members, making them feel appreciated, and (depending on the contest) helping to advance their careers.

It's a win-win.

Bottom line

As you can see, there's no secret why Fiction Writing is growing so quickly. Take what the group does right and apply it to your Facebook group, and you may see similar engagement numbers and increased brand awareness.

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